The Value of a Backup

All it takes is one site crash to bring down everything you worked so hard to build. Downtime, temporary or long-lasting, can cause irreparable damage to your brand’s reputation, and possibly even your revenue stream.

That’s why a backup is so important. Since automatically backs up users’ site data, your content is always safe — even in the event of a power failure or security breach.

Site crashes can happen to anyone

If your site becomes compromised and you haven’t prepared, then your recovery options are limited. This is why it’s important to be proactive in taking preventative measures like using strong passwords, enabling two-step authentication, and building your site with websites come equipped with a number of security features, like firewalls, site monitoring, and regular backups. This way, your content will always be restorable — even in the event of an unexpected crash or security breach.

The consequences are real

Site owners who fail to prepare ahead of time can find themselves in tough situations if their website crashes or a hacker penetrates their security walls.

Imagine all of your data disappearing. With it, you might lose the work you put into creating content, any revenue you’re deriving from it, your primary way of communicating with readers, and your brand’s reputation. This is why preparing in advance is an absolute must.

Cover your bases with a backup

If you’re a site owner, you can rest easy knowing that your information is automatically backed up on a regular basis. That’s one task you won’t need to take care of manually; you’ll never need to think twice about losing your data. Should the worst happen, can restore your site.’s dedicated security team is committed to protecting your data. Through regular backups and a continuous focus on security, it ensures that your website and brand are always protected.


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