Share Your Cooking Expertise Using WordPress Recipe Tools

Are you a chef, baker, or cooking connoisseur? If you want to share your recipes online, you can post them to a blog, or include them in social media recaps. However, this might not accurately convey the trial, error, and thought that you put into creating each one. Why not give your recipes the attention they deserve?

With a website, you’ll have multiple options for sharing your kitchen creations with the world. Here’s how you can use galleries, shortcodes, and WordPress recipe plugins to format your recipes and customize how they appear on your site.

1. galleries

The built-in gallery feature is one of the most flexible tools at your disposal. Its multiple layout options (including square, circular, and rectangular tiled mosaics) allow you to illustrate your recipe from start to finish.

Readers can even click on an individual thumbnail to magnify the image by entering carousel view, which also displays any associated captions — the perfect place to add step-by-step instructions.

2. The recipe shortcode

You can also use shortcodes to display recipes on your website.

To set a recipe apart from the rest of your content, place the text between “

” at the beginning. Then, write out ingredients and directions, followed by “
” at the end. You can even designate attributes like a title and the number of servings to distinguish certain details.

3. WordPress recipe plugins

For those who require more robust features and control over how recipes are shared, consider using plugins. It’s important to note that plugins are only available to plugin-enabled plan subscribers.

Here are two excellent WordPress recipe plugins to try:

Chefs on a budget will certainly appreciate this free plugin. It allows you to mix and match layouts, fonts, and colors to create your own signature recipe layout. On top of that, it offers support for reviews and nutritional information.

Tasty Recipes plugin screenshot

With the Tasty Recipes plugin, take an in-depth look at your recipes to ensure they’re served to search engines like Google. It’s not the cheapest option, but its $79 price tag includes five themes, unlimited support, and a 15-day money-back guarantee.


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