Reach Business and Personal Goals with Good Morning Routines

For most of us, morning routines consist of the same old tasks and activities that we repeat week after week, often without considering how they affect our businesses — or our lives outside of work. In reality, the order in which you perform daily duties can help or hinder your venture’s growth and stability.

In order to squeeze more productivity and happiness out of your days, evaluate how you begin each one. The following tips will help you establish savvy business practices — from dawn until done.

Set some ground rules

What does it mean to be “grounded?” This term is often used to describe a feeling of stability and sensibility. Basically, it’s about being able to grasp what’s most important (from business issues to family matters) and then achieving a realistic, practical balance that keeps you from feeling pulled in too many directions.

Of course, your loved ones come first. So whenever possible, it’s humbling to start each day by spending time with them — whether it’s by enjoying breakfast with your family, walking your dog, or driving your kids to school. When you begin the workday feeling confident about your life at home, it’s easier to stay focused at work.

Routines focused on health and fitness can also keep you grounded. Many professionals report feeling more successful by dedicating time in the beginning of the day to exercising, meditating, or having a healthy breakfast.

Commit to a goal

Nela Canovic, blogger and productivity expert, suggests starting each morning by selecting one task that you’re absolutely committed to completing. This will boost your concentration and improve your ability to prioritize. This doesn’t mean that you can’t have other items on your to-do list; however, you will have a primary goal in mind and can structure the rest of your day around meeting it.

Committing to one important project will relieve you of the subconscious (or downright mentally irritating) strain of having a lengthy, overwhelming to-do list, allowing you to approach the day’s agenda with a fresh, streamlined outlook.

Be a creative force

According to Inc., most people are at their most productive during the first two hours after fully waking up. So, set that time aside for work that requires your highest levels of creativity and focus. Write a blog post, or brainstorm ways to become a better blogger. Develop the next bestselling fudge recipe for your bakery’s upcoming holiday promotion as soon as you get out of bed. Whatever innovative task you decide to take on in the a.m., it will probably turn out better than it would had you tackled it later in the day.

Engage your mental energy

While your mind is morning-sharp, use it to set your business’s bigger plans in motion. The kind of work that can really propel your business forward often gets lost in the minutiae of daily tasks. It may be helpful to dedicate time in the beginning of the day to think about your long-term Pro plans. If you’re hoping to grow your venture, spend the morning considering the ins and outs of opening a second brick-and-mortar location, increasing your business’s product range, expanding your online presence, or sharing your craft with others as a secondary income.

Don’t waste the day

As the day progresses and your energy diminishes, transition your focus from morning routines to mundane tasks, such as administrative duties. Maybe it’s time to work on the books, file paperwork, or go through that unopened pile of mail sitting on your desk.

Odds are, if you make the effort to get more out of your mornings, you’ll find yourself tackling these administrative tasks with improved efficiency right up until the end of the day. With renewed energy from your morning routine, you can set your sights on greater successes in the business world (and in the rest of your life, too).


Lorna Hordos

Lorna Hordos is a home-flipping business owner and freelance writer.

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