Is It Time for a Branding Refresh? How to Know and What to Do

Ever try to find a business’s website or their Facebook page and it was a little… well… confusing?

Perhaps you were looking up information for a massage therapist but found all their information was about yoga lessons. Or maybe you looked someone up who you thought blogged about fashion, but it turned out they actually focus on home decor? In this case, the business you’re looking for probably needs a branding refresh.

Not keeping your brand fresh can confuse customers and harm your chances of making a living from your website — especially if what you offer and who you serve is unclear.

But it’s not always 100 percent clear when it’s time to do a branding refresh.

Know when to change

To know if it’s time to refresh your branding, here are a few questions to get you started:

  1. Have you changed your company name since your last update?
  2. Have you changed the customers/clients you serve? Expanded your customer base to include more people?
  3. Have you added significantly different products or service offerings?
  4. Is your social media presence in any way different from your on-site experience?
  5. Has your market/niche gained more traction in the mainstream?
  6. Do you have different color schemes and fonts as your “brand” on different platforms?
  7. Are your sales and conversion rates less than you want them to be?

If you answered “yes” to any of these, it’s likely time for a brand refresh.

Know what to change

It’s important to remember, however, that a brand refresh doesn’t mean a complete overhaul of everything you’ve put in place so far. Here’s a guide on what to change based on changes in your market or your business:

Change your copywriting if:

  • You’ve introduced new or different offers
  • You’re serving different people or your customer base has changed
  • Mainstream perception of your market/niche has changed
  • You’re not getting good conversion rates from your audience
  • Your social media profiles don’t properly reflect your business anymore

Change your look (logo/colors/photos) if:

  • Your logo was closely linked to your offers or your customer base, and those have changed significantly
  • The market has become too saturated with similar-looking logos
  • You have a new business name
  • You’ve changed and grown up (if your photos are 10 years old, it’s time for some new ones)
  • You want your color scheme and fonts to be the same everywhere

Change your web design if:

  • You’re changing your look (see above)
  • Your business (offerings, customers, market position) has changed significantly since your last redesign
  • You’re ready for a better-looking website

Change your social media presence if:

  • You’ve noticed a slow but steady decline in your social media interactions
  • Your descriptions don’t match what you do anymore
  • You’re updating the look of your website — make sure your social profiles match
  • Your niche is changing in the mainstream
  • You’ve updated your main call to action

Rolling out the update

This is where a lot of website owners get stuck, but it doesn’t have to be a massive production if you don’t want it to be.

If a refresh is long overdue, you can treat it as a marketing tactic with an email campaign to get your readers excited.

You can roll it out in one day, or you can make the updates and integrate the changes as you have them ready.

Keep your brand fresh

If you haven’t done a brand refresh in a long time, the task can seem daunting.

However, doing twice-yearly brand reviews where you ask yourself the seven key questions above can make this process less painful. If you only have to change one or two things at a time, refreshing your brand becomes much easier to manage.


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