How to Embed Slides Into WordPress

There are many reasons to learn how to embed slides into WordPress. Perhaps you want to present something more unique and compelling than the standard text and images seen in most blog posts, or maybe you conducted a live presentation that you want to share with your online audience.

Whatever the reason, using slides to spruce up your content offering is a great way to capture your audience’s attention, increase engagement, and communicate your biggest ideas, as Aaron Weyenerg explains in this TED blog post.

Bonus: Slides are also incredibly easy to use from a technical standpoint.

In this post, you will learn how to embed slides into WordPress posts and pages — using the popular, free tool Google Slides as the example.

How to embed slides into WordPress

The first step is obvious: Complete the slide deck. You can do this via PowerPoint and import it into Google Slides, or you can create your slide deck directly in Google Slides itself.

Next, you need the embed code.

To obtain this, open your Google Slides deck and navigate to the File option, which will lead you to the Publish to the web option in the scroll-down menu.

Clicking this will open up a window with options for creating the precise embed code that you want.

You will find two options: Link or Embed. Link is chosen by default, so you’ll need to choose the Embed option manually.

Then, you’ll be able to specify several key options:

  • Size of the slides.
  • Timing of the auto-advance.
  • Whether you want the slideshow to begin as soon as the player loads or to restart after the last slide.

Once you’ve made your choices, hit the Publish button. A window will pop up confirming that you want to publish your slide deck to the web (where it will be visible by everyone). Choose OK, and then you’ll see an embed code appear in the original window.

You can click and highlight the embed code and copy it, and then you’ll be ready to paste it into the WordPress editor.

Simply choose the Text option in the WordPress editor, paste the embed code in where you want it to appear, and your slide deck will be visible in the post or page when it’s viewed online.

Now, all that’s left to do is hit Publish, and let your audience enjoy the informative experience of viewing your slideshow.


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