Extend Your Reach with Click-to-Tweet

Whether your website goals include attracting new customers or building brand awareness, your hard work deserves to be amplified.

To encourage site visitors to spread the word about your business, you’ll need to do two things: create content worth sharing, and make it extremely convenient for readers to do just that. Once your content program is off the ground, you can combine Twitter and — if you have a WordPress.com Business plan — a click-to-tweet plugin to make sharing your site content a streamlined, single-click process.

Twitter is a marketing powerhouse

For small businesses, Twitter presents a vast range of possibilities. According to Hootsuite, the platform attracts 330-million monthly users. Among those who follow small businesses via the platform, Hootsuite reports that:

  • Ninety-three percent of these followers intend to make purchases from the small businesses that they follow.
  • More than two-thirds have made purchases as a result of a small businesses’ tweet.
  • One in three have retweeted the small businesses they follow.

So, how can you get on the winning side of these statistics? Add click-to-tweet capabilities that let visitors show their support and promote your brand on your behalf.

Make Twitter even more accessible

Click-to-tweet capabilities makes it quick and convenient for people to share your content to their own Twitter feeds. As visitors browse through your site, they’ll be presented with various opportunities to share sample tweets that you created for their use. They can then share these with their own followers in two clicks.

Add click-to-tweet to your site

You can add this handy capability to the pages or posts on your WordPress.com Business site by following these steps:

  1. Install a click-to-tweet plugin, such as Better Click to Tweet.
  2. Add quote boxes to posts and pages across your website so readers can share the ones that most resonate with them.


  1. Engage with your fans’ Twitter posts to thank them for sharing your content.

Make your content tweet-worthy

Try getting into the mindset of your target audience before you add tweets to your site. Ask yourself, “What will my fans want to share with their followers?” Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind:

  • Tweets can be a maximum of 280-characters, including spaces, punctuation, and links. This character count reinforces the idea that the most successful tweets pack a punch in very few words. Some plugins automatically shorten links on your behalf; or, you can use a URL-shortening tool like Bitly.
  • Your tweets should add value. Shareable content evokes an action or emotion without sounding like a sales pitch. The more interesting, helpful, or inspiring your tweets are, the more likely your site’s visitors will want to share them with their followers.
  • Tweets should stand on their own or tempt readers to click through to your content. The tweets that you create can’t fall back on the rest of your post for context, so make sure that Twitter users can still understand the overall message.
  • Tweets can highlight interesting quotes, statistics, or announcements. Try experimenting with different formats and adding tweets in various spots on your site to see what looks and works best.
  • Include your business’ hashtag and Twitter handle within tweets. This not only helps you attract followers, but allows you to see when users have shared the tweets you crafted. Using this information, you can determine what’s working and respond to posts about your business.

Adding a click-to-tweet option to your website arms your fans with the tools they need to promote your content and business. With WordPress.com, it’s as quick and intuitive as one, two, tweet.

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