A Guide to File Management for Content Creators and Entrepreneurs

If you create content or run an online business, you need a smart system for file management and storage. This process needs to be convenient, secure, and reliable, so you’re able to easily access and share files while safeguarding against potential security issues that can leak sensitive information. And just as important, your system needs to operate smoothly so you never run the risk of losing files or stumbling across corrupted data.

To create a file management system that embodies each of these characteristics, follow these three steps:

1. Create and maintain a folder system on your computer

File management always starts at the source, and that’s your computer.

Without an organized and intuitive folder structure on your computer, your chances of having a strong online file management system aren’t good. Get in the habit of maintaining your system, and you’ll be in good shape — plus, you’ll save yourself the headache down the road.

2. Invest in an external backup drive

The next step is to take your organized folder system and back it up to an external hard drive. If anything happens to your computer, you’ll still have all of your files saved and accessible on another computer.

The potential stress and worry this practice removes from your life can’t be overstated. It’s also good practice to create a recurring calendar or to-do item that regularly reminds you to back up your computer.

3. Use an online file storage and sharing service

In addition to having a physical backup of your files, you should also consider having an online backup.

Not only will this provide additional redundancy, but online file management services like Dropbox also allow you to easily share files with other people. Having an efficient process for sharing files can save you a lot of time and energy in the long run, especially if you share tasks across multiple team members.

You may not feel the direct benefit of smart file management every day, but when something goes wrong, it’s a safeguard you’ll be grateful you put into place.


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