6 Brand Storytelling Strategy Tips for Telling an Authentic Tale

Brand storytelling strategy is about more than telling your online audience exactly what they want to hear. Being honest and authentic about your business, its background, and its goals is vital to bonding with your readers and building profitable relationships. After all, everyone wants to feel connected to the brands they support.

Here are six ways to incorporate authenticity into your brand’s online and offline story.

1. Be Your Best Brand

Doctors, plumbers, musicians, and many other professionals are their own brands. The pressure to impress may be heavy, but remember to relax and always be your best you. Trying to be someone you’re not is exhausting, complicated, and eventually evident.

When you’re the face of your company, it makes sense to greet your website visitors with a photo of yourself on your Home and About pages, explains Entrepreneur magazine. If portraits aren’t your thing, offer a short video to introduce yourself instead, providing relevant details about your business.

If you run an automotive parts store, flower shop, or deli, it, too, should be relatable. An ideal website theme can help bring any brand to life — showcasing its style, persona, and image with the right palette, layout, and overall vibe.

2. Build a Relatable Brand Image

Analysis and advisory firm Convince & Convert suggests building a brand image that your target audience can feel connected or drawn to on an emotional level. Why? As humans, we’re often driven by our emotions, and how we feel about a brand influences our purchases and support.

For example, if your target audience is mainly athletic, health-conscious adults, they’ll probably respond well to a brand with an energetic, upbeat persona, rather than one with a more laid-back demeanor or voice.

3. Give Your Brand a Voice

Every brand needs a voice or style that makes it memorable. For inspiration, think about how your favorite talk show hosts present themselves in basically the same way, day after day, year after year. They may be boldly adventurous or pleasantly zany, but no doubt, their blog articles, interviews, and autobiographies all carry the same tone and identity.

4. Carry a Consistent Message

Consistency and trustworthiness appeal to everyone. Spread a uniform message — from your venture’s background details and future goals to information and inspiration — across each and every avenue. That includes your website or blog, social media, your mission statement, or anything else written by you or your staff. Offer content in bite-sized amounts and don’t comment, post, or submit anything until you reread it, checking for factual errors and consistency.

5. Listen and Learn

Brand storytelling strategy is a bit like building friendships, which involves good listening skills. Christina R. Green instructs business-minded folks to pay close attention to their audiences. Read their comments and consider how they respond to posts. That way, you’re more in tune with who they are and what’s important to them.

6. Appreciate the Support

Showing your fans, followers, and patrons a little appreciation is an ideal way to let them know their support hasn’t gone unnoticed. Here are a few ways you can express gratitude:

  • Offer your fan base exclusive loyalty rewards or promotions.
  • Give your expert opinion and advice freely, when appropriate.
  • Be generous with shout-outs. If someone’s post or comment is truly worth mentioning and sharing, do so.

In return, an appreciative act can turn loyal customers into advocates. Regardless, avoid sounding overly promotional on your business website. Not everything has to relate to entrepreneurial gain. Remember, it’s okay for visitors to see you as a regular human being, rather than just another business mogul.

When you take the time to incorporate charisma, appreciation, and authenticity into your venture, everyone benefits.

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Lorna Hordos

Lorna Hordos is a home-flipping business owner and freelance writer.

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