4 Tips for Using WordPress Shortcodes

Website code can be intimidating. If you type something incorrectly (even just one minor character), you can botch entire sections of your website.

Unfortunately, doing something “special” on your website usually means diving into coding and accepting the risk that if something goes wrong, you’ll have to backtrack to locate whatever character was omitted, accidentally mistyped, or inadvertently repeated.

If you’re wondering whether there’s a more beginner-friendly way to code: there is.

WordPress shortcodes: making code easier

Fortunately, WordPress.com developers know that most users aren’t coding professionals, so they don’t expect you to be either.

Even so, they still let you do cool things with your website (such as embedding a Spotify player or featuring a dynamic list of blog posts) without having to go in and touch your CSS or other types of code that are crucial to your website’s functionality.

Shortcodes are pieces of code that all WordPress.com websites recognize and respond to, no matter what theme you’re using.

Tips for getting started with WordPress shortcodes

  1. Bookmark this list of WordPress shortcodes so that you know exactly what features you can implement on your website.
  2. Avoid shortcodes that are theme-specific. Some WordPress.com themes provide great shortcodes, but what happens if you decide to change your theme? It’s best to stick with the shortcodes that are universal to all WordPress.com sites.

  3. Add shortcodes to your widgetized areas to keep certain features accessible on every page of your website. Shortcodes like

archivestwitter-timeline ,  or kickstarter are great ones to experiment with.

  1. Master shortcodes by embedding one in the next five blog posts you write. If nothing else, use the shortcode to embed a YouTube video relevant to your blog post content.

Build out your website with WordPress shortcodes

WordPress shortcodes are one of the best ways to present visitors with a more function-filled and professional-looking website without having to pay a web developer to do it for you. If you’re a WordPress.com Pro plan user, you can make running a website even easier on yourself by implementing a few essential plugins.


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