3 Ways to Accept Credit Card Payments Online

When you’re starting a business website, one of the most important steps to take will be configuring the option to accept credit card payments for your products or services.

If you built your website using WordPress.com, there are multiple payment methods at your disposal, several of which can be added to any of your pages or posts. Below, you’ll find three methods to meet your needs, whether you’re just looking for basic credit card payments or a full eCommerce platform.

1. PayPal

PayPal is one of the better-known online payment processors on the market. It allows users to accept both credit and debit card payments.

All WordPress.com users, no matter their plan, can add a PayPal payment button to their website. Log into your PayPal Business account, go to Tools > All Tools > PayPal Developer, and select “Checkout.” From here, you’ll be able to set up an embeddable button on any page or post on your WordPress.com website.

This is the most basic payment button, so customization options will be limited. For more enhanced options, refer to the two choices below.

2. Simple Payments

If you have the WordPress.com Premium or Business plan, there’s another convenient way to collect credit card payments within the native ecosystem. Simple Payments lets you add a payment button anywhere on your posts or pages, as well as in your sidebar.

This is a more flexible option than the first, as you can personalize the look of the payment listing with custom styling. Simple Payments lets you collect money via debit and credit card in addition to PayPal, providing more options for customers to pay you.

3. Third-party plugins

Want more customization options? If you have a WordPress.com Business plan, you have even more choices. Let’s say your business needs have grown and you require the support of an entire eCommerce platform. WooCommerce may be the better choice. In addition to accepting credit card payments, it lets you create product listings and establish a checkout process.

For those with businesses that travel with them, Stripe is another third-party service that prioritizes mobile commerce, allowing you to access data and conduct transactions on the go.

Try them on for size

Like many aspects of running a business, there’s an element of trial and error involved with finding the right payment method for your website. To accept credit card payments, give each option a try and get a feel for which one most empowers your customers and provides the features you need with fees that you can live with.

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