10 Popular Marketing Acronyms Explained

As a business owner, expanding your marketing knowledge and becoming familiar with popular marketing acronyms may feel daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! As you learn the acronyms and they become a natural part of your business vocabulary, you’ll better equip yourself to make choices that increase profits, streamline management, and more. As a business owner dedicated to providing value, learning the business side of things can enable you to create a more effective, flexible business.

Whatever industry you’re in, if you don’t share your products or services — that is, if you don’t market them — you won’t reach the people who might really benefit from them. As you come to understand these industry terms, you’ll become more adept at supporting your business. Here are 10 common marketing acronyms, demystified.

1. Bounce Rate (BR)

This term is applied specifically to websites. BR refers to whenever someone visits your website and leaves without clicking on any links or posts. A bounce rate can also refer to when an outgoing email doesn’t make its way to an inbox effectively. It might accidentally end up in a spam box because of its subject line.

2. Content Management System (CMS)

A CMS is what makes website creation easier for anyone who isn’t a web developer. WordPress.com is one example of a CMS platform, as its behind-the-scenes system allows you to publish content without any code.

3. Cost Per Impression (CPI)

This acronym applies to marketing efforts where data is collected about the number of people viewing your advertisements, and how much you ultimately paid for each “impression,” or view.

4. Cost Per Lead (CPL)

Generating leads is the first step towards building a loyal fan base. The marketing acronym “CPL” refers to how many advertising dollars, on average, are spent obtaining each lead.

5. Call to Action (CTA)

One of the most important marketing acronyms, a CTA is when you encourage your website visitors to take a desired action. CTAs usually take the shape of “buy now,” “click here,” and “subscribe” links or widgets. A strong CTA strategy can convert window shoppers into repeat customers.

6. Click-Through Rate (CTR)

This refers to the percentage of people who actually click on a link once they’ve seen it. This metric is most important when it comes to email marketing and paid advertising efforts within platforms like Google AdWords or Facebook.

7. Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

PPC is a marketing system in which your budget is only affected when someone clicks on your links. This is different from CPI, which is based on ad viewership.

8. Return on Investment (ROI)

ROI is a comparison of the resources you spend on a specific investment and what’s returned to you through that avenue. Your ROI helps guide you in determining where to allocate your budget and resources.

9. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This term relates to how your website appears in search engine results. The better optimized it is, the higher up you’ll appear when a relevant keyword or phrase is searched for in Google or a similar search engine.

10. Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Marketing through a social media platform can include both paid and organic marketing efforts, as well as any content that builds brand awareness and recognition within your community.

Think of these 10 marketing acronyms as skills. Mastering each one will inform better business choices. When you’re ready, you can also expand your efforts by trying a few of these digital marketing trends, courtesy of Forbes.


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