The Best Video Conferencing Software to Nail Every Webinar

Do you run a blog, manage a website, or own a business?

Chances are, there will be times when you need to host a webinar. To do this, you’ll need video-conferencing software.

Let’s take a look at the latest and greatest tools available.

Google Hangouts

All that you need to use Google Hangouts is a free Google account.

Important features:

  • Up to 10 people can participate in a video or audio conference call at once.

  • Automatically record and publish your session to YouTube.

  • Compatible across all devices and platforms.

  • Ability to send chats, photos, and emojis during the call.

  • Screen-sharing functionality.


Founded in 2011, Zoom is an award-winning video conferencing platform that’s safe, secure, and global.

Plans range from a basic free option, to a $19.99 per month enterprise subscription.

Important features:

  • Screen share documents, video clips, and photos.

  • Mobile apps available for iOS and Android.

  • MP4 or M4A file format recordings.

  • Group messaging capability.

  • Option to join as a “view-only” attendee.

Adobe Connect

You’re probably familiar with Adobe’s Creative Suite, but did you know that it offers a platform for hosting webinars and events, too?

Adobe’s services begin at $50 per month, and can accommodate up to 25 participants. Expanded features and hosting capabilities come with the more expensive and comprehensive plans.

Important features:

  • Recording capabilities.

  • Mobile collaboration.

  • Video streaming integration.

  • YouTube syncing.

  • Screen-sharing functionality.


MegaMeeting is 100 percent browser-based and is optimized for mobile so that collaboration is always possible, including when you’re on the go.

Important features:

  • Text chat support.

  • Screen-share documents, PowerPoints, and websites.

  • PayPal integration.

  • Video streaming capabilities.

  • Works across multiple platforms.

Choosing the right video-conferencing software for your business

The success of your website, blog, or business might end up depending on your ability to host an engaging and functional webinar.

Think carefully about which video-conferencing software features you want, and choose the solution that aligns with your needs and budget.


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