How to Capture the SEO Benefits of Infographics

Words have power, and so do visuals. Infographics skillfully bring the two together, combining visuals and data to tell a compelling story.

But infographics, which can range from animated charts and graphs to interactive PDFs, serve another all-important purpose: they help your website rank better in search engines. If your website’s content is mostly text, take advantage of the SEO benefits of infographics to increase user engagement and your site’s visibility.

Why your site needs infographics

Infographics drive traffic. Business-to-business (B2B) websites use them often, and infographics are liked and shared on social media three times more often than any other type of content, according to HubSpot.

Infographics have several other benefits, too:

  • They’re easily shareable: This is great for link building and increasing referral traffic. If your infographic is engaging, unique, or offers solutions to a specific problem, others in your industry will share it, increasing your brand authority and driving more visitors back to your site.

  • They drive social traffic: Infographics are liked and shared more on social media because they’re visually driven. HubSpot reports that people retain 65 percent of the information they receive when a relevant image accompanies that information. Other studies indicate that people are between 150 to 200 percent more likely to share or click on posts with images on LinkedIn and Twitter, according to Sprout Social.

But boosting your performance in search is one of the biggest advantages of infographics. Interactive infographics, which feature clickable elements, animations, and even video, can help your SEO because they may increase time spent on your site — one of the many ranking factors search engines use, says HubSpot.

But even if you have a static infographic, you can reap some SEO benefits. Though search engines can’t crawl the infographic itself for keyword phrases, you can make sure the page on which you’ll post the infographic is keyword-rich. You might increase your search rank with this content if you add relevant keywords related to the topic of your infographic in the page headline, the URL, the introductory text, the metadata, and the filename of your uploaded infographic.

Along with blog posts, photo galleries, and videos, infographics are another piece of content that can elevate your site in search. If you’re in a niche industry or cover a niche topic, your infographic may come up in search engines when someone looks for information on that topic, giving you an extra opportunity to land a new user or a potential customer. plugins for infographics offers several infographic plugins that you can access if you have a Business plan. Some plugins, like Infographic Embedder, allow you to create an embed code that readers can use to add your infographic to their sites, potentially increasing your referral traffic.

Then there are plugins like Infographic Maker and Infogram, which make it easy for you to create engaging visual content by just plugging in your data. Many of these plugins also come with templates that allow you to easily create beautiful infographics — no design skills necessary.

Written content isn’t the only way to attract visitors to your site. Infographics combine data and the written word with the power of visuals to help you communicate information in new and interesting ways. Thanks to plugins, you don’t need to be an award-winning designer to create them. With a little bit of research, some good copy, and a basic template to work from, you can maximize the SEO benefits of infographics to draw even more people to your site. Courses make it easy to start that blog, website or podcast.

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Satta Sarmah Hightower

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