Perfect-Fit Business Themes for Your WordPress Website

Business themes from include much more than clear instructions for fast setup — each offers an individual personality with plenty of room to grow. But how do you find a theme that works for your particular business?

Here we’ve matched up five very different lines of business with engaging and relevant business themes to help you find the perfect fit.

Elegant health and wellness

If your business focuses on healthy living — think yoga, nutrition, green living, or holistic medicine — a clean website theme like Karuna will bring some serenity to your site. The Karuna theme balances a simple, elegant layout with fresh, bright colors for a high-impact display.

homepage of karuna theme for

Visitors scroll the static homepage from the navigation bar at the top to the different sections and footer below. With plenty of space for prominent imagery, you can set a tone — peaceful, earthy, zen-centric — that welcomes your fans and keeps them interested.

Captivating corporate

Corporations don’t just exist on a grand scale — they come in all sizes. The right website theme, such as Corporate, can give small businesses the online stamina of their larger counterparts.

Branded corporations — including law firms, medical clinics, financial institutions, or tech startups — rely on important custom features to set them apart from the competition and keep users interested. Corporate offers a ready-made professional look that also lets you tailor your web presence with a custom logo, header image, hues, colors, and more.

Cool and connected creative

Is art, photography, writing, or videography your thing? offers multiple themes for creatives of all kinds. You can showcase your talent with the Swell theme, which allows you to upload video backgrounds to spotlight your best work. An alluring, moving portfolio may catch the eye of a talent seeker, agent, publisher, and (of course) dedicated fans who will love to share your work.

Let’s say you’re an actor. The video-focused Demand theme can highlight your all-important demo reel, keeping it front and center. The theme’s full-width template lets you use every inch of the screen, maximizing your exposure.

homepage of demand theme for

Customize the site menu to include pages for your headshots, projects, and resume. And don’t forget to include a call to action that prompts visitors to subscribe to your blog, which is a wonderful way to keep them in the loop about your work.

Are you a singer or musician? Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about you: check out the Wayfarer theme, which offers a built-in audio player and customizable playlist.

Illuminating retail

To compete in today’s online retail space, give shoppers more than they expect by creating a blog-style website. A fresh turnover of informative blog posts relating to your wares or industry will keep them coming back for more.

And when they return, greet them with a weekly or seasonal sale spanning your homepage using the TheFour theme. This theme is a modern, cheery blend of blog and website, which will help maximize views and — hopefully — sales.

Functional food service

For restaurant, coffee shop, or bakery owners, websites often become catchalls for information. Food-service websites often include menus, directions, hiring information, feedback, and maybe even an online order form. But hungry (or caffeine-starved) users aren’t always the most patient — so present them with an easy-to-navigate website.

The Pique theme lets you neatly arrange everything on the homepage using panels, so you can fill your site to the brim with important information without confusing your users. What are panels? Imagine them as roadside signs, but instead of lining the highway, they’re organized around your screen. Each panel displays essential information, and will show more details with each click of the mouse (or each scroll of a smartphone’s screen).

homepage of pique theme for

A website offers every business an all-important portal where they can gain priceless feedback and reach a new set of supporters. So go ahead and invest some time and effort into matching your business with a theme that showcases its most compelling aspects. The perfect theme can highlight your scintillating menu or carefully planned logo, and keep your visitors coming back for more.

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