Five Reasons Why Mobile Friendly WordPress Themes Matter

If you run a website, you’ve put a lot of effort into making sure that it looks professional. You found the perfect theme and customized it to match your vision. You’ve spent hours lining up your content with an attractive design.

However, if your WordPress theme isn’t optimized for mobile devices, visitors on their phones may have a different experience — one that falls short of what you had in mind.

That’s why it’s important to have a responsive website design template that’s compatible with all devices. Let’s dive deeper into why responsive WordPress themes matter for the user experience and your business website.

What is a mobile-friendly WordPress design?

Mobile-friendly, responsive themes all incorporate a few basic principles to ensure consistent quality:

  • Scalability – Designed to work on something as large as a full-size monitor or as small as a phone.
  • Clean navigation – Has an easy-to-interpret layout that lets the user access anything he/she wants in the fewest possible clicks.
  • Easy to read – Mobile-friendly designs eliminate clutter and support readability on all devices.

Ensuring that your site is compatible with mobile devices is an important part of reaching your audience. Mobile web traffic outpaced traditional desktop internet use in 2016 and shows no signs of slowing down.

If you’ve gone digital with an online store, making your site accessible from anywhere is an even bigger concern as purchases made on smartphones in 2018 equaled $117 billion in the United States alone.

Getting your site ready for mobile devices delivers many other great benefits. Here are some of the advantages you can expect after you get your site set up using a WordPress mobile-friendly theme.

1. Deliver a better user experience

A mobile-friendly theme will ensure that anyone who visits your site will enjoy the positive experience you have designed for them. If users come to your website and can’t find what they want or have a hard time navigating through an unoptimized design, their experience suffers.

Just think about how frustrating it is to browse on an unresponsive mobile layout. The website may load slowly from the outset. You may need to manually zoom just to read the text. And forget about clicking links — those tiny hyperlinks are nearly impossible to tap. These issues compound until the user gets frustrated enough to chuck the whole process in and go somewhere else.

An optimized design improves your users’ experience once they reach your site. A report by Google found that if a site doesn’t load within three seconds, the majority of users will give up. A mobile WordPress theme helps optimize your website’s performance for mobile devices, so your site will load quickly, even on a weak connection.

2. Retain more customers

Mobile-friendly themes aren’t just about making your site easy to use. They also support your customer retention goals.

According to Google’s Mobile Playbook, 57% of people wouldn’t recommend a business with a poor mobile site and 40% have gone straight to the competition after a bad mobile experience.

Clearly, customers expect a positive experience on mobile, and if they get one, they’re far more likely to support — and continue supporting — your brand. In another Google survey, 98% of people were likely to recommend a brand to others after having a positive mobile experience.

In this way, having an optimized mobile theme for your website can really move the needle on your lead generation and customer retention goals. 

3. Responsive design future-proofs your site

The technology industry is producing more internet-ready devices every day. From smartwatches to Chromebooks to foldable phones, a mobile-friendly WordPress theme means that you can be confident that your site will look great on everything.

Having a mobile WordPress site that will scale on all devices isn’t just a benefit. It is a web design best practice that makes your site more attractive and professional. In addition, responsive themes cooperate with the technology that drives the web browsers shared between all devices. Once you have your site hosted by a mobile-friendly WordPress theme, you won’t have to worry about optimizing it ever again.


4. SEO helps visitors find your site

One of the main ways that your audience finds your site will inevitably be through the internet’s great equalizer, Google. Improving your website’s position on the internet search giant depends on a process known as search engine optimization, or SEO.

SEO is a process through which Google’s search algorithms look at websites and use factors such as relevant keywords, web addresses, and individual links to rank a page on a search engine. It can all get a little complicated, but don’t worry. A mobile-friendly WordPress design is structured around a framework that will increase your site’s SEO without any further input from you.

In fact, Google has stated that one of the key elements it evaluates when ranking web pages in its search results is whether the site can run on different devices. Simply using a responsive theme will boost your site’s visibility even before you improve it with SEO-conscious design.

5. Establish a modern and relevant brand

A responsive theme keeps you from losing customers from an outdated, hard-to-use design. You’ll impress both current customers and new visitors alike with a clean, natural design that enhances your site’s aesthetics and elevates your brand.

The internet is a crowded place, and a good website with an excellent design will make your site stand out and encourage repeat visits. Don’t be intimidated by the process of setting up a professional-looking, scalable website on your own. Instead, find a WordPress mobile-friendly theme that makes it easy.

All themes are mobile-friendly

WordPress offers hundreds of themes for you to choose from when you begin to design your website. Each is tailored for different specializations, so you can find designs that work best for different areas of focus. These include:

Each is customizable to look just how you envisioned it, and all of them have been designed to be mobile-friendly.

This means you won’t have to abandon a theme that grabbed your attention. Anything you see will have all the capabilities you’d expect. In addition, each of the themes was designed by a WordPress professional. Rest assured that the theme you choose has been tested to be reliable and secure and will deliver the best possible experience to your visitors — and the easiest set-up experience for you.

If you’re ready to start reaching a fresh audience from any device, then it’s time to start exploring all the great choices that are available. Find the mobile WordPress theme that will help you find new customers and make a stronger impact on everyone who visits your site.

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