Nine Free Blog Themes

After you pick a platform on which to build your website, you need to choose a beautiful site theme. WordPress themes will determine how articles, images, fonts, buttons, and other elements appear on your site, and is an essential part of establishing your site’s look and feel.

Choosing the right theme for your blog is a bit tricky, though. You must find the perfect combination of style and functionality that is also representative of your site’s purpose.

So, how do you find the perfect theme?

Browse the selection of responsive and free blog themes available once you sign up for These themes will help bring your vision to life at no cost.

Whether you want to start a DIY, parenting, or fashion blog, these themes will help you set up a beautiful website for free.

Theme #1: Radcliffe 2

Radcliffe 2 is a recent addition to the free blog themes. It’s optimized for a faster load time, a full-width homepage, and new style packs to customize your design.

Radcliffe 2 is ideal for bloggers who offer digital products or services that they want to promote, as the homepage centers around a single call to action.

  • Perfect for: Bloggers who want to promote an eBook, video course, or service.

Radcliffe 2 Theme

Theme #2: Dyad 2

Dyad 2 is visually appealing and user-friendly. It’s designed to display stunning images accompanied by articles. It fits food, fashion, DIY, and design blogs like a glove.

  • Perfect for: Recipe mavens, fashionistas, and DIY-ers.

Theme #3: Button 2

Button 2 features a timeless format with a soft color palette. Want to start a blog about home decor, crafts, or skincare? Button 2 might be for you.

  • Perfect for: DIY bloggers, crafters, and creative types.

Button 2 Theme

Theme #4: Gateway

Gateway has a wide homepage with a placeholder for a strong call to action. It’s great for promoting resources like free courses or service quotes.

  • Perfect for: Bloggers selling digital resources.

Gateway Theme

Theme #5: Lovecraft

Lovecraft has the classic blog structure: two columns with images and titles that pop. It captures reader attention, drawing eyes to your latest content.

  • Perfect for: Almost any blogger.

Lovecraft Theme

Theme #6: Independent Publisher 2

Independent Publisher 2 features a polished layout that highlights written content. It has a single column (no sidebar), a header, and bold typography to avoid distractions and maximize attention.

  • Perfect for: Bloggers who write long-form content like essays and how-to guides.

Independent Publisher 2 Theme

Theme #7: Canard

Canard can showcase multiple articles in a magazine format. It’s the optimal choice if you want your latest 3-5 posts to be front and center when someone visits your site.

  • Perfect for: Bloggers who publish material often.

Canard Theme

Theme #8: Intergalactic 2

Intergalactic 2 is a sleek, full-width theme that prioritizes readability. The featured image is embedded into the background of the title to draw attention to your content.

This format allows for distraction-free reading and is great for detailed guides or dense articles.

  • Perfect for: Bloggers who write in-depth pieces or detailed how-to articles.

Intergalactic 2 Theme

Theme #9: Dara

Dara is a stylish theme that comes with a content slider so that you can proudly feature your latest or most popular articles. Every aspect of Dara channels the theme’s unique flair.

Tip: Feature your most popular blog posts in the slider so that new visitors will be presented with your best content.

  • Perfect for: Almost any blogger.

Dara Theme

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