Forget Web Developers: Why a DIY Website Is the Simpler Option

Do you think that creating a DIY website is just for the technically savvy? Here’s a little secret: it’s not.

If you know how to use a computer, get online, and click a few buttons here and there, then you’ve got what it takes to create a website. Today, there are many all-in-one website-building solutions like that will help you not only create a website, but even manage it yourself — with the same amount of knowledge that it takes to run a Facebook page.

Don’t stress the technical stuff

Read about building a website, and you’ll probably see a lot of unfamiliar technical terminology (like “hosting service” and “domain name”). Luckily, all-in-one hosting platforms like take care of the technical details for you:

You don’t have to pay for web hosting or storage space for your website, because your site will be hosted on servers owned by the platform that you use. You can also purchase a domain name — or a custom URL — through your platform, and trust that it will be set up for you.

You won’t need to hire a web developer to ensure that your website is up-to-date and running smoothly. Platforms like make updates as needed, keeping your site secure and updated without you having to lift a finger.

If you do run into a technical problem while creating your website, check out your platform’s forums. Most site-hosting platforms offer assistance from large communities of users who are eager to help each other. Post a question to a forum, and receive assistance from staff and fellow site owners.

Customize the look of your website

Designing a beautiful website doesn’t require any coding skills. Site-building platforms typically offer professional-grade themes that you can customize yourself. features a wide range of themes, allowing you to change the look and feel of your site with the click of a button. Search your platform’s showcase for a theme that you like, and apply it to your website.

These all-in-one hosting platforms allow you to change the content on your site with intuitive user interfaces. enables you to add a page to your website, create a blog post, upload and edit images, and format text without needing to know HTML. This is likely why so many of the world’s site owners — almost 30 percent in early 2018 — use WordPress to host websites, according to Forbes.

Grow your website and your business

The number of things that you can do with a website grows every day, as site-building platforms are continuously adding new functionalities for novice users.

For example, was originally intended to be a blogging platform. Now, you can capture leads by integrating email marketing software with your website. You can also interact with audience members through blog comments and contact forms. If you’re ready to further grow your website, you can implement other features that will transform your site into an online store, an interactive forum, and much more.

So, stop worrying about learning to code, or becoming a tech-star with a budget for hiring web developers. All you need to do is create a DIY website and focus on what matters the most: growing your fan base.


Sarah Li Cain

A B2B and personal finance writer who has appeared in publications such as Credit Karma, Magnify Money and Lending Tree.

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