Import to WordPress Now: Migrate Your Content in Five Steps

Switching from one platform or website builder to another can be quite the challenge, especially if your company and brand have been around for a long time. When making the transition to a new platform, one of the most common concerns is whether you’ll be able to migrate your existing content and blog posts. After all, developing your online brand took a lot of time, effort, and energy — you shouldn’t have to restart the process from scratch. Fortunately, created an “import to WordPress” tool that allows you to seamlessly move your existing content over to your new website. Here’s how to do it.

How to import existing content to

Step 1: Within, select the Settings option from the left-hand menu.

Step 2: From the Settings page, scroll down and select the Import option. This will allow you to import your existing content from other platforms (refer to the screenshot below).

The first step to migrating your content

Step 3: If your existing blog content lives on Medium or on a WordPress website hosted elsewhere, click the appropriate Start Import option. Otherwise, select Other importers to view a list of other platform options.

Choose where to import your content from

To proceed with one of these other platform options, select the Run Importer button on the next page.

Choose "run importer" to start the process

Step 4: Log into your previous platform and export your posts. Then, upload this file to If you’re not sure how to do this, will provide you with the instructions. For example, to fetch an export file from a Blogger site, go to Settings > Other > Export blog in the control panel. Step 5: Click Update file and import — it’s the blue button towards the bottom of the page. Voila, you’ve successfully run the import to WordPress tool!

Pick up where you left off

It may seem easier to stick with your old platform instead of migrating to a new one; however, as your brand grows, so will your need for plugins and other advanced features. Don’t let the seemingly daunting task of transferring your website’s valuable content deter you from switching to the “best free blogging website,” as designated by TechRadar.

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