Dealing With Burnout? Here’s How to Get Out of a Rut

Are you dealing with burnout?

If you’d rather have your wisdom teeth pulled than stare at your computer screen, trying to squeeze something useful from your tired brain, you’re likely experiencing blogger burnout. So, how do you get your enthusiasm back when you feel so stumped or overwhelmed that you can’t even form a sentence?

When life’s ups and downs knock your blogging routine off balance, it can take more than dedication to get your momentum back — especially if you feel like your time is stretched wafer-thin.

It may be tempting to just give up, especially if your blog isn’t a core part of your business, but that should be avoided at all costs. A well-tended, regularly updated blog or website isn’t just an information station for your visitors. Great content also improves search engine optimization (SEO), meaning that your site appears in more search results if you keep up with your blog — leading to more traffic.

If you’re feeling bogged down by seasonal projects, family issues, business pressures, or day-to-day duties that impact your blog-writing efforts, it’s important to know that you’re not alone; even seasoned writers experience occasional downswings. Use the following ideas and inspiration to rein in distractions, delegate duties, reorganize your schedule, and recoup your strength to get back on track — and (fingers crossed) stay there.

Prioritize to prosper

A blogging meltdown often occurs from the stress of overworking yourself, letting priorities slide, or both. Creating an agenda that maps out your days can solve both of these issues.

An agenda can help you keep track of priorities while ensuring that you don’t cram too much work into one day. Obviously, everyone’s priorities differ, so only you can decide what to take care of first, see to later, or leave off your schedule altogether. Making these decisions will help you establish a clear outline that makes your daily tasks feel less overwhelming and will get you back into the blogging groove.

Learn to delegate

Still too busy to work on your blog after completing the week’s agenda? Delegate a simple task or two to a willing family member, a trusted friend, or maybe even hired help. The financial experts at The Balance suggest asking yourself two key questions when deciding when and how to delegate work:

  1. Does this need to be completed right now?
  2. Do I need to do this task myself, or can someone else do it?

Whether you delegate invoice filing, email responding, or even blogging itself, ensuring there isn’t too much on your plate is key for avoiding burnout.

Give yourself a blogging break

One of the best ways of dealing with burnout is to stop blogging — at least long enough to give your brain a rest. In fact, stop whatever you’re doing. When you reach a burnout point, it’s often because you not only overworked yourself, but also neglected to take time off. There are plenty of fixes for this:

  • Go to the park, a movie, or for a relaxing walk with a friend (no devices allowed!).
  • Rehydrate regularly; sometimes burnout or brain fog is triggered by dehydration, according to TCK Publishing.
  • BrainHQ suggests exercising to increase your body’s flow of oxygen, which in turn improves brain function.

After a recuperation period, find new sources of blogging inspiration that’ll keep your audience tuned in and burnout at bay. Also consider working at a standing desk (or counter). CNN reports that standing while you work is healthier than sitting and can improve productivity.

Choose a smart time to blog

If you typically start writing an article or post during your afternoon slump or from bed, try switching up your routine. Morning is often the most productive time of the day. After getting a good night’s sleep, hit the keyboard with a clear mind and renewed energy. The time and place that you blog from impact your mental health, energy, and your blogging productivity.

Resolving to make positive changes is the first step in dealing with blogger burnout. The sooner that you change your routine, the sooner you can pull yourself out of that rut and become a blogging superstar.


Lorna Hordos

Lorna Hordos is a home-flipping business owner and freelance writer.

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