Add Users to to Grow Your Team of Helpers

As a busy business owner, you don’t always have time to keep your site’s content consistent and updated. But, you do understand the importance of doing so. How do you get past this conundrum?

One option is to pull in some help. You can add users to to ease the burden of managing your site, and to allow helpers or hires to update site content for you. Whether you want a writer who crafts polished pieces for your blog or an admin who posts weekly specials and deals on your restaurant’s homepage, allowing additional users to modify your website is a great way to save time and to make site management more efficient.

Of course, you may want to approve all content before it’s published, and you may not want other users to have free rein over the website you’ve so carefully constructed. This is why lets you customize the roles and permissions for each user.

These roles and permissions ensure that users can only change and see as much as you want them to. This guarantees that you retain control over your site and keeps your content secure. Whatever you want your additional users to do, helps you get them set up to do it.

Choosing user roles

You can select from five different user roles when adding new users to your site:

  1. Administrator
  2. Editor
  3. Author
  4. Contributor
  5. Follow/viewer

Let’s take a closer look at what each role entails.

  1. An administrator can do everything that you can. This includes installing and removing plugins, changing the design and themes, adding and deleting content, managing user roles, and more. Of course, you only want to assign this role to someone you trust completely with your blog or business website.
  2. If you want a team member to manage the editorial content on your site (adding, editing, and publishing pages and posts written by others), assign them the editor role. Editors have control over all content, but cannot change the staples of your website like the design or plugins.
  3. Alternatively, someone in the author role can add, edit, and publish their own posts, but no one else’s. They cannot create or publish pages. If you trust a writer to publish content only, the author role is perfect for them.
  4. The contributor role, on the other hand, can add and edit their own posts but cannot publish them. Instead, a contributor’s content will be saved as drafts until you approve and publish it. This is a great option if you want to accept content from guest bloggers or external content contributors.
  5. The last role in the user management system isn’t actually a role for editing the site. The follower/viewer role is for members who subscribe to your site. Followers are subscribers to public sites, while viewers are subscribers who you personally invite to read a private or public blog.

How to add users to your website

If you want to add a few specific users to your site to boost your business’s content creation program, manually adding users is the way to go.

To add a new user to your website, navigate to My Sites after logging in to Once you select your site, click on People, and then Add.

You will be asked to enter the user’s email address or username, and to select the user role you want to assign them. There’s also an option to add a custom message. Once the form is filled out, click Send Invitation.

The user will receive an email with the invitation to join your site. Once they accept that invitation, your site will be listed under the My Blogs section of their dashboard.

Just like that, you can add users to Build your team while keeping user permissions and site access entirely under your control. The limited time and effort that it takes to add new users will help bolster your site with fresh content and regular updates, all while getting the support you need to best serve your blog or business.

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