What Is a Static Front Page, and When Should You Use One?

What is a static front page? Learn the answer to this question and how a static front page curates strong first impressions.

Small Business Spending: Getting the Most Bang for Your Buck

Don’t let unnecessary small business spending ruin your bottom line. Ask these questions to make sure you’re being smart with your business expenses.

What is Jetpack? Enhance Your Page with Plugins

What is Jetpack? Jetpack is a plugin that gives you access to some of the powerful features on WordPress.com.

Sell Digital Downloads Directly From Your WordPress.com Site

Discover how to sell digital downloads directly from your WordPress.com website.

What Is AdWords? Work With Ad Networks to Make Extra Money

What is AdWords? Learn how to monetize your site with ad placement.

Jenny McKaig / June 15, 2018

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Make a Travel Website That Takes Visitors on a Journey

On the move? Use these tips to make an engaging travel website and share your journey online.

Creating a Website From Scratch with WordPress.com

Creating a website from scratch is a big undertaking, but if you follow these 11 steps you’ll be prepared to make a great one.

How to Get a Website up and Running in Five Steps

Now that you decided to create an online home for your blog or business, it’s time to build a site. Discover how to get a website set up.

Jenny McKaig / June 12, 2018

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Make a Phone Number Clickable to Encourage Calls

Need to make a phone number clickable on your website? Follow these four basic steps.

How to Write a Good Blog Post in Five Steps

Wondering how to write a good blog post? There’s a 5-step, fail-proof process that will take you from the idea stage, to the outline, to a published draft.

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