Why You Should Be Tracking Business Expenses and Income Separately

Tracking business expenses separately from personal ones is a smart way to save time, and can even lead to professionalism and profitability.

Lorna Hordos / October 20, 2017

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The Spec Work Conundrum: Should You Accept or Decline?

Spec work rarely benefits freelancers in the long run. Consider these 5 reasons to decline rather than accept unpaid work.

Three Tips for Taking a Vacation That’s Good for You and Your Business

Maintaining a consistent digital presence while you’re taking a vacation conveys a professional and reliable business model.

Willow Older / October 13, 2017

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Building WordPress.com Website Success: Photo Blogs With Paul Zizka

How do photo blogs become successful? Read tips from Paul Zizka, a Canadian photographer and WordPress.com success story.

Building WordPress.com Website Success: From the Fringe

We interviewed Suzy Marie of From the Fringe on how to be a successful blogger. Get insights and inspiration from her interview.

Use Lead-Nurturing Strategies to Grow Your Fan Base

Lead nurturing strategies that enhance your brand’s online presence convert potential shoppers into loyal supporters of your business.

Text Me: Google Fonts on WordPress.com

Customize your website or blog and create a beautiful site that’s uniquely yours with these tips for using free Google fonts for WordPress.com.

Bev Feldman / October 9, 2017

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Are Website Terms and Conditions Necessary?

Website terms and conditions educate site visitors about your rules, provisions, and disclaimers.

Building WordPress.com Website Success: Brave and Reckless

We interviewed Christine Ray of Brave and Reckless about her blogging journey, and what it takes to build a successful WordPress.com website.

For a Better User Experience, Optimize Your Website’s Responsiveness

Image size, readability, and content layout all affect your website compatibility — how your site displays across browsers and devices.

Satta Sarmah Hightower / September 20, 2017

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