Launch Your Online Payment System With the Simple Payments Button

If you’re a small business owner, setting up an online payment system can help you generate more revenue.

Accepting Payments Online: Your Quick-Start Guide to Getting Paid

Start accepting payments online for your small business using your Premium or Business plans.

Bev Feldman / October 27, 2017

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Understanding the Anatomy of a Website

From the CMS and domain to web hosting and themes, here’s what you should know about the pieces that come together to make a website work.

Satta Sarmah Hightower / October 25, 2017


Use Local Business Listings to Grow Your Online Presence

Local business listings are great ways for companies to stand out online.

Why You Should Be Tracking Business Expenses and Income Separately

Tracking business expenses separately from personal ones is a smart way to save time, and can even lead to professionalism and profitability.

Lorna Hordos / October 20, 2017

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The Spec Work Conundrum: Should You Accept or Decline?

Spec work rarely benefits freelancers in the long run. Consider these 5 reasons to decline rather than accept unpaid work.

Three Tips for Taking a Vacation That’s Good for You and Your Business

Maintaining a consistent digital presence while you’re taking a vacation conveys a professional and reliable business model.

Willow Older / October 13, 2017

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Building Website Success: Photo Blogs With Paul Zizka

How do photo blogs become successful? Read tips from Paul Zizka, a Canadian photographer and success story.

Building Website Success: From the Fringe

We interviewed Suzy Marie of From the Fringe on how to be a successful blogger. Get insights and inspiration from her interview.

Use Lead-Nurturing Strategies to Grow Your Fan Base

Lead nurturing strategies that enhance your brand’s online presence convert potential shoppers into loyal supporters of your business.

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