Improve Readability to Make Your Site Easier to Understand

Most people don’t read web pages, they scan them. Here’s how to improve readability on your website to keep readers engaged.

What to Keep in Mind When Building Your Online Writing Portfolio

If you’re a freelancer or want to become a professional writer, there’s one marketing tool that you can’t overlook: your online writing portfolio.

Case Studies for Marketing: Tell Stories to Promote Your Brand

Case studies for marketing are like success stories that detail your past projects.

A Custom Snapchat Filter Can Be a Powerful Business Tool

A custom Snapchat filter lets visitors add details about your business to their photos. Here’s how to get in on this savvy trend.

How to Use Header Tags for SEO

If ranking well in search results is important to you, one of the key things you should learn is how to use header tags for SEO.

Karol K. / February 13, 2019

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How to Promote Your Podcast with a Website

A website can be an effective way to promote your podcast, but only if you have the right theme, pages, and features to engage your audience.

Learn the Basics of Navigating

Learn to navigate and get comfortable with the homepage and sidebar.

Free Websites for Non-Profits: The Crucial Elements

Starting a non-profit is complicated, but your website doesn’t have to be. offers free websites for non-profits. Here’s how to set one up.

Sarah Peterson / February 12, 2019


The Best Time to Post a Blog or Social Media Update

The best time to post a blog or social media update varies across platforms. If you want to maximize engagement, you need the following audience insights.

How to Take Good Photos of Animals

Stumped as to how to take good photos of animals for your website or social media? These photography tips will help the world see your pets the way you do.

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