Monitor and Improve Site Load Time with These Helpful Tips

Learning how to monitor and improve site load time can make a huge difference to your business’s bottom line. Find out how here!

Why Website Maintenance Services Matter for Your Business

Most businesses are able to maintain their site on their own, but website maintenance services can be a helpful option for some.

What Is a Child Theme? How to Use One on

What is a child theme? Learn what a child theme is, how it benefits your site, and how to get started with a child theme at

How to Move from Medium to

Are you ready to move from Medium to Use this beginner guide.

What Are Permalinks?

What are permalinks, and why do they matter? Here’s what you need to know about permalinks along with how to create them in

Rose De Fremery / August 13, 2019

, ,

Streamlining Multisite Management for Website Owners

Juggling multiple sites across the web can seem overwhelming, but multisite management doesn’t have to be a source of stress.

Use Menu Customization to Power Your Site Navigation

Use the built-in menu customization tools to design a great navigation experience.

jonathan Bossenger / August 12, 2019

, , Glossary: 11 Terms You Should Know

This is your glossary. We discuss some of the essential terms and explain what they mean.

How to Create a Nonprofit Website

Want to create a nonprofit website to promote your organization’s mission? Here’s how to easily create a charity website on

How to Create a Pricing Table on

Here are two easy ways to create a pricing table on No plugins or fancy code required.

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