Use Brand Guidelines to Create a Consistent Online Presence

Creating brand guidelines can set the foundation for your business’s reputation.

Interior Photography Tips for Taking Better Indoor Photos

Interior photography can be more difficult than shooting outdoors, but it’s not impossible to get a good shot. Here are 5 tips for doing so.

Sarah Peterson / September 27, 2018

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Five Design Blogs Worth Following

Design is one of the most important small business considerations. Follow these five design blogs for inspiration.

Bridget M Burns / September 26, 2018

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Get Your Next Calendar Wallpaper From One of These Sites

A calendar wallpaper can really brighten up your work space and help hone in your efforts for the week.

Linda Scott / September 25, 2018

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Add Users to to Grow Your Team of Helpers

If managing your site is getting demanding, it might be time to add users to for some added help.

The Seven Best WordPress Helpdesk Plugins for Customer Support

Are you looking for the best way to provide customer support with WordPress? In this post, you will find the top sevens WordPress helpdesk plugins.

Erik Emanuelli / September 23, 2018

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Eight Website Mistakes That Can Hinder Your Success

Avoid these 8 common website mistakes to ensure your site looks and performs at its best.

Aaron von Frank / September 22, 2018

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Use a Color Palette Generator to Design and Brand Your Site

Jumpstart your small business branding with these 5 free color palette generator tools available.

Jasmine Henry / September 21, 2018

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Create Stand-Out Wedding Photographer Websites in Three Steps

Create successful wedding photography websites that stand out from the crowd using these three tips.

Get a Move On: Import Your Blog to

If you want to move away from your current host platform, here’s how to import your blog to

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