The Best Music to Listen to While Working

If you’re a business owner or creator, then you know that your day-to-day work habits can have a big impact on your overall success. One such habit could be listening — or not listening — to music. Depending on the work you’re doing and the environment you’re in, having music to listen to while working can elevate your productivity and increase your creativity.

If you’re trying to get creative….

…be selective with your music. The right tunes can really get the creative juices flowing. But not just any music will do; if it has lyrics, you may get distracted. Instrumental music is the best music to listen to while working on something that requires critical thinking, like building a website.

And you’re not limited to Beethoven and Mozart. Movie soundtracks and gaming soundscapes, trip-hop, relaxing jazz, post-rock, shoegazing, electronica (even dubstep!), and foreign language music can all help you get into a creative zone. Songs in any of these genres can help keep you motivated and focused without distracting you.

If you work in an office with an open layout…

…put those headphones on. With the copy machine beeping incessantly, one colleague taking a call on speakerphone, and another one sniffling, it’s amazing that you’re able to get anything done at all.

Workers remember less, feel more tired, and are less motivated in open offices, according to PayScale. If your workplace doesn’t have dividers or cubicles, try listening to music with headphones so you can concentrate better and accomplish more.

If you’re doing mindless or repetitive tasks…

…go ahead and rock on! If you’re doing data entry, stuffing envelopes, or performing manual labor, listening to music you enjoy is a great way to make the time pass, boost your mood, and increase your efficiency.

According to research cited in Thrive Global, when you listen to music, your brain releases dopamine, known as the “feel-good” hormone. And when you enjoy something, you’re more productive. So go ahead and crank up the Jon Bon Jovi or Drake.

So, does music help or hurt work productivity?

As you can see, there’s no one answer; even researchers are somewhat split on whether music helps or hurts productivity. The more you have to engage your brain, the better off you are with no music or, at most, instrumental music. On the other hand, listening to your favorite beats can supercharge your productivity when you’re doing mindless, repetitive tasks.

Think beyond the experience you want to have while making your website, and consider the kind of experience you want your visitors to have when browsing your site. When building your website with, you can use the block editor to add audio files and even playlists to your content. It’s a great way to further brand yourself or your business and to add a whole other artistic dimension to your portfolio site on

Regardless of your website’s aim — whether you have an online store, a digital portfolio, a blog, or a business page — be sure to select the music that will help your visitors get the feel for you, your business, or product.


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