Five Photoshoot Ideas to Grow Your Portfolio

The same old photoshoot ideas can become repetitive quickly. To spark your imagination, here are five original photoshoot ideas. Whether taken outdoors or indoors, with models or without, these ideas are sure to liven up your portfolio.

1. Stage a painting

From Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa to the modern works of Andy Warhol, recreating a famous painting is an invigorating experience. Don’t copy the painting’s original subject, rework it according to your own unique style. Choose a well-known renaissance painting and make it contemporary by dressing models in today’s fashions or placing them in a popular setting (Starbucks, for example).

2. Play with flowers

Don’t overlook the power of flowers. With the right amount of creativity, they can be an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Combining natural elements like flowers with highly technological elements can yield an original and elegant composition. Alternatively, use flowers to hide the face of a subject or cover the body of a model.

3. Paint on photographs

Using paint on photos is one way to combine two styles of art. A colored brushstroke may give a totally different look to a black and white or monochromatic photograph. You can choose contrasting colors, or ones in perfect agreement.

4. Take advantage of reflections

To play with reflections, use mirrors, shiny surfaces, or puddles. Create infinite reflections of the same image with mirrors. Or, turn street puddles into art by using them to create suggestive photoshoots in the center of your city.

The focus of your photo can be a reflected object, or the reflection itself. To make this photoshoot idea even more innovative, use food coloring to give puddle water a bright, fun color.

5. Use optical illusions

Whether hidden within the clothing of your model or reproduced with objects, optical illusions guarantee profound visual effects. You can find ideas for optical illusions online (like this one on Fix the Photo), or create your own by playing with colors and perspectives.

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