What Is AdWords? Work With Ad Networks to Make Extra Money

Many bloggers and site owners want to use their websites to bring in added revenue. One of the most common methods for monetizing a website or blog is using networks like Google AdWords.

What is AdWords? It’s a service run by Google that helps advertisers reach their target audiences by matching keywords from Google searches to a business’s ads. This helps bloggers and site owners make money with very little effort.

How does AdWords work?

AdWords is known as an ad network. Ad networks, or online advertising networks, are run by companies that specialize in connecting advertisers with online publishers who own and maintain space on the web (that’s you).

Online publishers can enter into deals with ad networks in which they agree to place advertisements on their sites in return for payments. Ad networks work by matching relevant ads with available space for advertisements, so advertisers and site owners mutually benefit from a deal.

AdWords is the overarching service that companies sign up for when they want to advertise their businesses. There’s an additional service, known as AdSense, that places AdWords ads on sites and blogs. They’re both part of the same network, and thanks to Google’s reach and understanding of the online marketplace, AdWords and AdSense have become some of the most commonly used ad networks among bloggers.

Monetize your site

Now that you understand ad networks, it’s time to monetize your website! Whether you run a blog or business site, placing advertisements on your pages is a great way to earn a regular, passive income.

When you’re monetizing a website, it’s important to produce high quality web content. Also, make sure that your website is easy to find. This helps you generate more site traffic, and ultimately increases the number of people who see your ads. This results in higher earnings.

There are a number of ways to partner with ad networks on your website. If you’re using WordPress.com, one method is to use WordAds, an advertising service specially made for WordPress.com users.

WordAds is available for use with any Premium or Business WordPress.com plan. Those with Free or Pro plans whose sites generate high levels of site traffic are welcome to apply as well.

Enable WordAds, and ads will be selected and displayed on your site.

These ads come from some of the most popular ad networks on the web, including Google AdSense. You can customize the appearance of your ads by going to My Sites, WordAds, and Settings.

Making the most of WordAds

WordAds makes advertising on your site easier by automatically placing ads on your site in an aesthetically pleasing way, based on your current theme. Ads are generally placed below the first post on your homepage, and at the bottom of each individual post. If you want to feature even more ads to earn bonus revenue, use a theme optimized for WordAds. These themes come with built-in space for extra ads.

Once WordAds is set up, you’ll be paid per impression. In other words, every time someone visits your site and sees your ads, you will be paid. How much you receive depends on a variety of factors, including where views originate from and how many of your visitors use ad blockers. But no matter what, money will be deposited into your PayPal account on a monthly basis.

WordAds — with the support of networks like AdSense and AdWords — gives you the ability to start a passive income stream. By supporting advertising networks, you can earn revenue by having a WordPress.com site up and running on the web.


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