Free Stock Images: Sources for Stunning Website Photos

After spending hours carefully crafting, editing, and polishing a piece of content, settling for a cheesy stock photo feels like a mortal sin — like dumping a huge pile of garbage in the middle of a beautiful garden.

But let’s face it: premium stock photography isn’t cheap, and sometimes mediocre free stock images are all that you can find.

The good news is that ultra high-quality free stock image sources do exist. Here’s how you can find the right images for your site:

Because we don’t want you to spend another minute scrolling through ugly photos, we scoured the web to find the best free stock photography resources out there. Here are three we recommend!


Say goodbye to goofy shots of businesspeople wearing ill-fitting suits while high-fiving across a conference table. Unsplash offers thousands of beautiful and captivating high-resolution photos that have been, according to the site, “Gifted by the world’s most generous community of photographers.”

Use the search feature if you’re after something specific, or lose yourself in dozens of gorgeous themed collections. Best of all, users can publish, modify, and distribute these images without attribution or permission.


With a seemingly endless supply of free stock photo sites to choose from, finding the right image can be a tedious time-suck. But Pexels does the hard work for you by wading through millions of dull photos and handpicking the best.

Like Unsplash, images are licensed under Creative Commons Zero — which means they can be used for commercial or personal purposes without requiring attribution.

While sifting through pages upon pages of beautiful photographs can be a great way to pass the time, sometimes you need to find the right photo fast. helps simplify this task with several filters and sorting options.

Pare down results using categories, check out trending images, or sort your list by relevance, number of downloads, or upload date. You can also “favorite” images to save them for later.

If you resent combing through free stock images for your blog or website, you’re not alone. Some collections make the task feel like a punishment. But by using high-quality resources like the three listed above, you can quickly select and save dazzling images, and then move on with your day!


Carrie Dagenhard

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