Nine Free and Elegant Cursive Fonts

There’s no shortage of free cursive fonts online, but finding the right one for your website can be tricky. Some fonts are too gaudy, while others are too dull. Some are too modern and trendy, while others may be too traditional for your brand.

If hunting for the perfect free font for your site has you feeling like Goldilocks, we’ve got your back. Check out these nine unique and dazzling free cursive fonts. If you’re on the Pro plan, you can install these additional fonts with the use of a plugin.

1. Lavanderia

Conjuring up images of 1960s laundromat signs, this classy font is available in three weights, with a variety of alternate glyphs so that you can customize to your heart’s desire. Get Lavanderia here.

2. King Basil

This brush font is something of a show-stopper. Interesting and bold, it demands attention and will liven up any header. Get King Basil here.

3. Calafia

Casual brush lettering gives this cursive font a laid-back vibe — something you might see on the sign of a surf shop or beachside cafe. Get Calafia here.

4. Pacifico

Like Calafia, Pacifico is inspired by retro surf culture. Clean and smooth, this font uses relaxed lines and manages to captivate readers’ attention. Get Pacifico here.

5. Sofia

Some cursive fonts can be difficult to read — but Sofia is ultra-legible. This upright script feels familiar, but is also highly unique and is described as “satisfying.” Get Sofia here.

6. Wisdom Script

Clean, classic, and timeless, this script is geometrically even. Wisdom Script is an excellent choice if you’re looking to add some embellishment without being too showy. Get Wisdom here.

7. Boomville

This font is a throwback to the American auto industry model logos circa the 1950s. Bouncy and playful, it’s bursting with personality and nostalgia. Get Boomville here.

8. Milkshake

Unlike many other brush scripts, Milkshake was carefully designed with legibility and versatility in mind. This well-balanced font is memorable without commanding too much attention. Get Milkshake here.

9. Escafina

This upright font lends a nod to artisan lettering and vintage mid-century signage. It’s available in three weights, with two alternate glyph options. Get Escafina here.

Once you choose a font, use the Customizer to add it to your Business site with the help of a plugin, and make updates at any time.


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