eCommerce Blogging: Build Loyalty While Driving Sales

When it comes to selling products online, your blog is a secret weapon. Believe it or not, blogging on an eCommerce website can drive sales and play a central role in your marketing strategy.

Well-written blog posts can increase your search engine rankings, and quality content positions you to connect with prospective customers on deeper levels. Ultimately, this translates into more customers and added revenue — without needing to use any in-your-face sales tactics.

How a blog drives sales

eCommerce blogging is a marathon, not a sprint. This practice can help you reach customers and boost your revenue, but don’t expect to see a profit spike overnight.

By regularly sharing informative, engaging content, you’ll build a customer base that can sustain your business over time.

A blog gives you the opportunity to speak directly to customers, enabling you to highlight the human side of your business. Think of your blog as a platform for telling stories and sharing real-life examples.

Putting things into perspective

According to the Harvard Business Review, customers with emotional connections to a business are more likely to purchase its goods and services.

If you bake and sell gourmet cupcakes, you might write a blog post to highlight some of your most creative custom orders. Or, you could share a post that isn’t about your business at all.

Perhaps, you’ll share tips about the best types of baked goods to give as gifts, or you might disclose the origin of your passion for pastries.

Whatever you choose to write about, make sure that it’s relevant to your industry. Use your blog as an outlet to inspire readers and establish emotional connections with them. Even if it takes time, it will pay off.

What to blog about

A blog can be used to educate potential customers, and position yourself as a go-to resource in your area of expertise. To begin, consider your audience. What problems can you help them solve?

Imagine that you sell chew-proof dog beds, and that your target customer is frustrated whenever they come home to find another marred piece of pet furniture.

Think beyond what you’re selling, and brainstorm related topics that might also be on your customer’s mind. Sure, they’re probably wondering, “Hasn’t anyone invented a chew-proof dog bed yet?” But, your customer might also be searching for dog training tips, or other remedies to discourage their dog’s destructive habits.

Once you narrow down a list of topics to cover on your blog, decide which keywords you’ll use within your posts. This practice is used to improve search engine optimization (SEO). Strong SEO practices help your content appear higher up in search engine results, allowing for more people to discover your content and products.

Blog for long-term success

Blogging may not lead to an instant sales boom, but don’t stress the small stuff. Over time, sharing your knowledge and passion via blog posts will help to forge strong emotional bonds with your customers, and those connections will build loyalty and ultimately drive sales.

Create a blog for your eCommerce website today and find out how it improves your online marketing efforts.

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