Create Successful eCommerce Websites Using These Features

You might already have products listed for sale on your website, and maybe you even sold a few. Alternatively, you might just be mulling over the idea of setting up an online shop for the first time. Whatever stage you’re in, building quality eCommerce websites requires a few essential elements. Here are five to keep in mind as you plan, build, and manage your online store.

1. Coupon pop-ups

Whether in person or online, everyone loves saving money. This is why using coupons is a great way to transform leads into sales. Coupons guide customers to make the purchases that they were already considering.

As a bonus, your customers might be willing to exchange their email addresses for a coupon, making this a quick and efficient way to build your contact list. Using a coupon pop-up increases both your current and future sales by allowing you to notify your customers of new products or discounts.

There are many coupon plugin options in the WordPress plugin directory, including Coupon. It not only features coupon pop-ups, but also offers shareable coupons. When combined with the power of social media, these have the ability to attract even more new visitors to your site.

2. Live chat support

According to Comm100, live chat support increases sales by at least 20 percent, and customers who use live chat support options are already three times more likely to make purchases. When you provide the option of live chat support via your eCommerce site, you’re taking steps to improve customer service. This, in turn, can increase your overall customer loyalty and retention rate.

Additionally, live chat support allows you to answer common customer questions and issues, giving you the chance to come up with long-term solutions.

3. WooCommerce

Ecommerce websites need platforms to display their products and process payments, and WooCommerce is behind more than 30 percent of all eCommerce sites for that reason. It seamlessly integrates with websites, creating fully-functional, reliable, and customer-oriented online stores within your domain.

4. Reliable payment gateways

In order for a customer to make a purchase on your site, they need to feel confident that their payment information will be safely processed.

Whether you’re processing transactions with WooCommerce, or by adding a Simple Payments Button directly to your site, you and your customers will have peace of mind, as both methods use PayPal to securely process payments.

You can choose between WooCommerce or the Simple Payments Button depending on your eCommerce needs. The Simple Payments Button can process debit cards, credit cards, and payments submitted through PayPal accounts, while WooCommerce accepts more extensive forms of payments such as cash and bank account transfers.

5. Social media icons

Social media is a must-have for just about any business, especially for online ones. You can use social accounts to directly communicate with customers and inform them about special deals or new products that they might be interested in.

A social media presence is important as it allows you to build your brand voice by sharing what it stands for. With some brand development, you’ll be positioned to build a loyal fan base that will want to buy products from you instead of your competitors.

Social media also allows customers to help market your business by sharing your products and posts with their friends. This process can become even easier by adding the Social Media Icons widget to your site.

These five essential features for successful e-commerce sites may seem like small steps to take, but they’re extremely effective in increasing your current and future sales, as well as customer experience and brand loyalty. Start your website today and build an eCommerce site with!

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