Your Website Metrics and Stats Explained

Website metrics shouldn’t be a mystery. It’s important to understand how to read your site stats to take action on the information that you find.

How to find your metrics

The exact method of viewing your website metrics depends on where you’re hosting your website and the analytics solution that you installed.

Here are two of the most popular options:

1. A website

To view the stats for your website, log into your profile, go to My Sites, and click on Stats from the left menu.

website stats

2. A site hosted elsewhere

Most website engines rely on external tools to track website metrics and stats. The most popular tool is Google Analytics (GA).

To view your GA panel, create an account or log in. You can also integrate GA with your Business plan.

Understanding your overall site snapshot

Upon arriving at your main website stats panel, you’ll see a snapshot of what’s going on with your website.


Notice the overall trends when it comes to your traffic numbers. Are you losing visitors or gaining them? Does your traffic chart repeat itself every week? Website visitors usually come in cycles, most of them mid-week and less on the weekends. This is normal.


Your most popular content

Most website metric tracking tools will generate a list of your most popular content.

  • In GA, this can be found under Behavior → Site Content → All Pages.
  • In, you’ll see popular pages right on the main stats screen. You can also click on them to see more data.


Things to pay attention to:

  • First, make sure you’re looking at a longer time period, preferably data from at least the last 30 days.
  • Go through your list of the top 5-10 most visited posts, analyze what makes them good, and then plan out new content that capitalizes on those strengths.
  • Evaluate your underperforming content and figure out how to improve it.

Audience demographics

Understanding your audience is key for growing your site and making sure that what you publish is what your audience wants to see.

  • In GA, you can get to your audience’s profile in Audience → Overview.
  • In, everything is right on the main stats screen.


Things to pay attention to:

  • What countries do your visitors come from? Is your content optimized for them?
  • Compare your ratio of new visitors and returning visitors — what insights does this provide?

Top referring websites

A referring website is a website that sends visitors to your website.

  • In GA, this information can be found in Acquisition → All Traffic → Referrals.
  • In, it’s located on the main screen for stats.


Things to pay attention to:

  • Are there any sites that send you a noticeable amount of traffic? Contact the owners of those sites and see how you can work together.
  • Are your social media efforts bringing in any results?

Going the extra mile

This sums up the basic website metrics and stats that you should pay attention to.

When you’re done with the above, take a look at:

  • Your most popular days (or times of day) in terms of page visits.
  • Popular devices that your audience members use.
  • Bounce rates (the percentage of viewers who leave your site after viewing only a single page).
  • If you’re using, check out the other tab in your Stats settings called Insights. There’s even more interesting stuff to be found there.

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