Why an Instagram Local Business Page Benefits Your Brand

At first glance, Instagram may look like a playground for glitzy brands and stylish influencers, but this social media channel also offers local businesses terrific opportunities to build their brands and engage customers. Here’s how your local business can benefit from using Instagram as well as tips for how to claim a local business profile there.

Why you need an Instagram local business page

Now that Instagram users can search for and find your local business on Instagram just as they do via Google and Facebook, you have another powerful, cost-effective option for reaching them. In fact, if you’re already familiar with how a Google local knowledge panel looks, you’ll see that an Instagram local business page is remarkably similar.

A local business profile on Instagram includes your business address, hours of operation, price range, website address, and contact information — in short, everything that locals need to know about your business, what it offers, and how to find it both online and offline. It also links to your Instagram business profile, where you can build the meaningful relationships that lead to long-term business success.

When you participate in local conversations on Instagram, users see that you care about being of service rather than simply advertising your wares. This boosts your brand and establishes your local business as a trusted community resource. And as Instagram notes, 60 percent of its users say they find new products on Instagram. For these reasons and more, Instagram is one of the top five social media sites to promote your business.

How to claim your Instagram local business page

Claiming a local business profile on Instagram is straightforward if you already have access to the Facebook page for your local business.

  1. Search for your business. Tap the magnifying glass icon on the bottom left of the app and then enter your business name in the search bar that appears. You should see a listing for your business next to the location icon.
  2. View your local business page. After tapping to access your listing, tap the blue View Information button to access your local business page.
  3. Claim your local business page. Once you’ve found your local business page, you should see a claim button at the top right corner of the page. From there, Instagram will confirm that you are authorized to claim your local business page by linking it with the Facebook page for your business.

Tips for optimizing your Instagram local business page

Once you’ve claimed your local business page on Instagram, you’ll want to guarantee that it has the best chance of attracting interest among people in your community. First, make sure it looks accurate and up-to-date. If any information appears incorrect, edit it as desired. That way, visitors to your local business page will be able to quickly access exactly the information they need.

After that’s done, you’ll want to check your images. Instagram is a very visual social media channel, so users checking out your profile will pay close attention to the photos in your feed. Make sure all the photos you see in your Instagram local business profile are appealing and accurately represent your brand.

Instagram is a global social media platform but it also offers local businesses terrific opportunities for brand building and engagement. By claiming your local Instagram business page, you can increase your visibility to potential customers. You can even integrate Instagram with your WordPress.com site, further maximizing the business benefits of this popular social media channel.

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