When Is It Time to Place Site Ads on Your Blog?

Most website owners know that their blog won’t start generating income right away. Building an online property that generates revenue takes time and persistence. Still, as traffic increases and you develop an audience, it’s natural to start wondering how you can monetize that traffic to start earning money from your online venture.

Site ads are a great option for creating an early revenue stream for your blog, but timing is everything. Here’s how to identify the right time to start monetizing your blogs with advertising.

What’s the value of waiting?

Some blogging experts will recommend putting ads on your blog from the day it launches. Their reasons are that small amounts of money can add up over time, and it saves you the hassle of redesigning your site when you integrate ads later on.

It makes sense to go this route if you’re focused on generating revenue, but there can also be benefits to waiting. For starters, setting up ads and managing ad space can take time, and if you’re only generating pennies per day off your site, you might find it’s not worth the effort. Additionally, holding off on advertising allows you to focus on making the best blog possible, creating excellent content and pouring your efforts into social media and other engagement strategies that help build long-term traffic.

How do you know the timing is right?

If your blog continues to grow, you can eventually reach a point when paid advertising makes sense. The right timing can depend on a lot of factors, but most blogs should be generating thousands of page views per month before they explore paid advertising options; that’s the threshold where you can start to earn measurable income from your blog. In addition, different advertising networks have different restrictions: the WordPress.com ad program WordAds, for example, requires thousands of monthly visits before blogs are eligible to join, and it also requires your site to have a custom domain name. Other ad programs may also require your blog to be up and running for a certain number of months before you can start running ads, regardless of how much traffic you receive.

If you’re eligible for one of these ad programs, it may be worth exploring your options to see what kind of revenue opportunities await your blog.

What type of ads should you start with?

Paid advertising comes in a lot of different formats you’ll need to consider. Although it’s possible to sell your own ad space directly to interested advertisers, this is often time-consuming and very tedious for the average publisher. A much better option is to join an ad program that automatically places ads and shares the revenue with your blog. For many website owners, this is the best way to reap the benefits of revenue without piling more work on your plate.

These ad programs will pay out revenue shares based either on advertising clicks or on impressions. Impressions are often the most reliable revenue-sharing model to use, given that it’s easy to measure and guaranteed regardless of whether consumers click or not. And when you outsource ad management to a program partner, it allows you to focus on growing your organic traffic, which increases current ad revenue and future earnings potential.

Growing revenue and your blog

Site ads may not be the only revenue stream you use, but they’re a reliable source of income that can supplement other earnings strategies and reward you for consistently publishing to your blog. Focus on finding an advertising program that minimizes the work on your end, allowing you to generate revenue as you continue building the best blog possible.

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