What Is Content Strategy, and How Does It Help Your Business?

When growing a business online, you’ll notice that phrases using the word “content” are frequently used. For example, “content strategy” is one of the more popular terms that you might come across. What is content strategy, and how does it play into your business model?

Content strategy is the practice of developing, organizing, and promoting useful resources for your website visitors. Those resources may be in written, visual, or audio formats. According to Moz, “Content strategy concerns itself with the vision — the ins and outs of how and why your content will be created, managed, and eventually archived or updated.”

Having a content strategy in place can give you a deeper understanding of your business’s goals, information about who your ideal customers are, and the type of content that you’ll produce. It results in consistent branding, which includes the tone and style in which you produce content.

How content strategy helps your business

Use your content strategy to determine how you can best relay helpful information to your audience to earn their trust and demonstrate your expertise. Consider what problems you’re helping readers solve, and the medium in which those solutions will be delivered. Will you craft weekly blog posts, podcasts including quotes from experts in your field, or instructional videos?

A content strategy also results in targeted marketing efforts, as you’ll come to understand how and where your audience receives information. For example, if you’re a career coach, your content strategy might focus on producing content and conducting outreach through a professional platform like LinkedIn.

Ultimately, you’ll appeal to the right audience and customers for your business.

Platforms for building a content strategy

Part of having a strong content strategy in place requires choosing the right content management system to work with. WordPress.com is one option to consider.

Begin by figuring out what your needs are. Do you want your website to feature a portfolio of your past work? Do you want to deliver tutorials through detailed blog posts? Or, do you want to sell products? Answering these questions should help you narrow down the best platform to use when building out your strategy.

Content strategy in the real world

Factoring content strategy into a real-life example can demonstrate how it’s used on a daily basis, and how you might incorporate it into your own business plan.

Meet Sarina

Sarina is a holistic wellness coach who caters to moms with young children. Sarina has a clear understanding of her customer base and their daily challenges. Her business goal is to acquire two new clients every month, and help them on their journeys toward living healthier lives.

Sarina’s content strategy includes a free series of minute-long self-care videos to accompany her weekly blog posts that cover kid-friendly recipes, meditation, and exercises to do with your children. Her posts provide snippets of information to help busy moms improve their health. She promotes her videos and blog posts within her private Facebook group, on Instagram, and within her newsletter.

Sarina is consistent with her branding, always using a relaxed and understanding tone so that her customers feel supported. On each of her pages, Sarina offers a free tip sheet with quick activities that busy moms can do to improve their overall well-being in exchange for their email addresses. Those women are added to her newsletter, where she continues to share valuable information that addresses their challenges while demonstrating her expertise. After building trust with her subscribers, Sarina offers them the opportunity to work with her one on one.

How Sarina uses WordPress.com

With her WordPress.com website, Sarina uses an editorial calendar plugin to map out her publishing timeline, accepts Simple Payments from her customers, and embeds her videos into her site so that visitors can watch them. (Note that plugins can only be used on WordPress.com Business websites, while the Simple Payments feature is available to Business and Premium plan subscribers.)

It’s time to create your own content strategy

With this guide, you’re on your way to developing a content strategy for your business. Once completed, remember to publish content on a consistent basis to build your audience and optimize your search engine ranking.

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