Using Pinterest for Business Purposes

Pinterest is an image-driven site that was initially popular with bloggers, teachers, and foodies. Using Pinterest for business purposes, however, has become an increasingly viable option. One of the fastest-growing search engines based out of a social media platform, it’s no wonder that business owners continue to flock to it. C&B Marketing even references Pinterest as the third most frequented platform (after Facebook and Instagram). To date, there are more than 200 million users, making it a platform to leverage.

Like other social media platforms, Pinterest has its own unwritten rules and etiquette. These guidelines should be adhered to by businesses to ensure that they are receiving optimal exposure and traffic, and to have their content engaged with.

This guide will provide the parameters you should consider when using Pinterest for business purposes.

Pinning guide

First and foremost, make sure that you are set up as a business on Pinterest so that you can show your followers what your brand stands for.

Share high-quality content

Keep in mind that the boards you create are a direct reflection of your brand. With that at the forefront, make sure the images you are pinning (or re-pinning) reflect this at all times. Consider whether or not your audience would also find them attractive and useful.

Be selective

Treat Pinterest for your business the same way you would any other content you generate. Respect your place in your followers’ timelines. Avoid posting multiple images at one time. For example, if you’ve been proactive and curated multiple images to share on your Pinterest business page, space them out over the course of several hours, or even days. You want your followers to look forward to your content, not get annoyed by it.

Create content for your pins

As a blogger, for example, the image that you share on Pinterest could include a description related to the blog you are linking to. The image itself should be intriguing enough to encourage viewers to click on it, and the content attached should be enticing enough that they want to read more from that particular blog or website.

Focus on your followers

Pinterest prioritizes the follower experience. Users don’t want to be inundated with your shameless self-promotion. Instead, they want to know how following or connecting with you will enhance their experiences with the platform.

Actively participate

Schedule time to be an active user instead of just another pinner, and be sure to return the favor when others comment on your boards or re-pin your content.

If you’re thinking about using Pinterest for business, familiarize yourself with the etiquette that emerged over the years. This will help you stay in line with what the Pinterest community loves and appreciates about the platform, and will allow you to learn how to market your business effectively.

Lastly, Pinterest analytics are some of the most powerful in the social media world. Whether you are gauging impressions, reaches, or clicks, master these tools and you will wonder why you weren’t using Pinterest for your business sooner.


Jenny McKaig Speed

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