The Perks of Creating a Facebook Blog Page for Your Website

Facebook is a social network with more than two billion monthly users, making it an extremely powerful marketing tool for site owners. Reaching potential customers and fans through the use of a Facebook blog page has never been more accessible. In a matter of minutes, you can improve your website or blog’s branding, visibility, and reach by creating a Facebook page.

Better visibility

Why is a Facebook blog page so useful? For one, it gives your site or blog increased visibility online, and bolsters your overall brand and message. If you’re like most site owners, you want to reach the largest possible audience. Chances are, your target audience is already using Facebook. With’s Facebook integration features, you can quickly connect your page to your website. From there, you can increase your exposure through content that automatically appears in your followers’ feeds.

Increased site traffic

Every time you use Publicize to share a new blog post to your Facebook page, you’re reminding followers to visit your site. If you post using images optimized for Facebook, you may see even better results. As you share links, you’ll boost your site traffic and encourage more people to read your content.

More engagement

A Facebook page is just one more place for your readers to interact with your content — and with each other. As they won’t need to register or sign in to access your page, they might be more inclined to click through to your website. When you create a page on Facebook for a website, you’re making it easier for followers to react, comment, share, and stay interested in what you have to offer.

Create a Facebook page for your blog today

Creating a Facebook page for your website is a great way to expand its reach and get the most out of your content. To set up your own page, follow these directions from Facebook.

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