Social Network or Microblog? Why You Should Use Tumblr for Business

When people talk about social media marketing, Twitter and Facebook are the big names, while Tumblr is rarely mentioned. A good number of companies have yet to recognize Tumblr’s capabilities as a marketing medium ⁠— and this presents an opportunity.

Tumblr is an internet platform: part microblog, part social network. It was created by web developers David Karp and Marco Arment in 2007.

According to Statista, as of July 2019, Tumblr had 472 million registered accounts, 376 million unique visitors worldwide, and 171.5 billion published posts.

How to use Tumblr for business

Tumblr’s dual identity (part blog, part social network) may be the perfect combination for your business needs.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider a Tumblr blog for your business:

  • Tumblr enables you to showcase various media content. On Tumblr, you can post multiple types of content, such as photos, videos, audio, and links. It also offers a special post type for quotes and chat conversations. What’s great about Tumblr is that it houses this content on your site and allows you to repost the content on your company’s other business profiles — just like any other blog.
  • Tumblr users are highly engaged. Users can “reblog” an original post as is, or they can add “notes,” which are like comments. The total number of notes associated with a piece of content is displayed under a post. Tumblr has an “Ask” feature, where users can ask the site owner questions and the site owner can reply as a public post. There is also a “Submit” feature, where visitors can send photos and links to post on another person’s Tumblr.
  • Tumblr can help inform content creation efforts. Tumblr’s trending topics page showcases the most popular posts, blogs, and topics. It’s a great way to get ideas for content.
  • Tumblr can help businesses reach a millennial audience. If you cater to the Tumblr age demographic (nearly 70% of users are within the 18-34 range), activity on the platform provides a great opportunity to reach them, especially since Tumblr is not yet saturated with advertisers.
  • Tumblr allows businesses to connect to Google Analytics to track their progress and statistics. This can provide useful feedback as to whether or not your efforts are moving the needle with content marketing goals, as well as a more detailed breakdown of your actual Tumblr audience demographics.

How to connect to Tumblr via Publicize

If you have a site, connecting it to your Tumblr blog will help expand reach for your posts. It will also help with providing content for your Tumblr blog when you otherwise don’t have time to keep it updated.

To enable Publicize, go to JetpackSettingsSharing on your site’s dashboard.

Then, to connect Tumblr to your site, go to My Site Tools Marketing on your dashboard. Click the Connect button next to Tumblr and follow the prompts, including logging in and authorizing the connection.

Once you’re done connecting Tumblr to Publicize, you’ll be able to see Publicize options under “Share this post.” At this point, you can opt to add a custom message that will appear with your post.

How to use Tumblr for business via

Note: Publicize allows you to re-share posts only if you have a Premium or Business account. Only the Administrator, Editor, and Author roles can set up Publicize connections.

Why you should use Tumblr for business

Tumblr is a great supplement to your business’s existing marketing strategy as it provides a platform to engage with and listen to your customers and offers several opportunities to grow your brand presence. Tumblr is still largely untapped as a brand marketing tactic, so get ahead of the trend by testing it out now.


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