Social Media for Nonprofits: Integrate Content into Your Site

Professionals who work with nonprofit organizations are the masters of doing a lot with limited resources, and social media marketing is no exception.

After you share the perfect tweet or Instagram post, don’t let it get buried within the fast-paced newsfeeds of your followers. Take advantage of tools that streamline your workflow and fold your social media content right into your website.

By taking a few steps, you’ll make it more convenient for stakeholders to stay connected to your organization while further spreading your message.

The advantages of social media for nonprofits

If you run or represent a veteran nonprofit organization, you’ve likely tried multiple marketing tactics: from snail mail and newsletters, to fundraising through cold calls.

Old-school tactics still have their place in this day and age, but social media allows you to be nimble. It provides a platform for you to stay in front of stakeholders without spending too much money. It also enables you to promote fundraising efforts, share updates in real time, and solicit feedback from volunteers.

If you haven’t tried social media for nonprofits, Media Cause offers a handy beginner’s guide which covers everything from identifying your target audience, to gauging performance and creating your first editorial calendar.

Time-saving tools

Executing an effective social media strategy takes time and effort. Luckily, there are tools that can elevate your efforts. This means that you’ll spend less time scheduling posts, and more time working toward your nonprofit’s overall mission.

Post-scheduling tools like HootSuite, Buffer and Later let you link your social media profiles together. You can schedule individual posts for each platform, from a single dashboard. If you’re on a tight budget, look for tools that offer discounts to nonprofits, or use the free plans that most platforms offer. If you have a Premium or Business plan, the Publicize tool in My Sites > Sharing also lets you reshare content and craft your messages and updates to specific networks and audiences.

Once you pick a scheduling platform, experiment with social listening tools to track conversations about your organization or industry. Social Media Explorer compiled a list of social listening tools that can help you parse through the noise and monitor conversations filtered by keywords, locations, and other search criteria.

Integrating social media into your website

If you scroll through any website, you’ll probably be presented with photos embedded directly from Instagram, or a convenient button to share a post on Facebook. These social media integrations help visitors share your content and connect with your organization.

Check out these video tutorials for detailed instructions on how to set up your site for social media integration, including:

  • Sharing buttons

  • Instagram photos or feeds

  • Tweets

  • YouTube videos

  • Social media icon widgets

Leverage your website and social media for nonprofits

While social media doesn’t offer the same depth and flexibility that a typical website might, your social media content is a key part of your nonprofit’s online presence, and it shouldn’t exist in a vacuum. By combining both, you’ll tap into new avenues of engaging and mobilizing your members, volunteers, and donors.

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