Sell Tickets on WordPress: From the Perks to the Payments

Whether you’re ordering a pizza or booking a flight online, the ability to process transactions digitally is now the industry standard. Offering quick, efficient ways to purchase tickets for an event at any hour, from anywhere, and on any device can be the difference between a sold-out event versus waning interest.

Fortunately, there are multiple ways to sell tickets on WordPress, regardless of the size and scope of your event.

Let your website do the grunt work

Delegating ticket sales and tracking responsibilities to your website lets you focus on organizing and promoting an event, rather than fielding phone calls or responding to emails. It can also centralize and digitize your records. You won’t need to sort through written notes or scour your inbox to confirm seat numbers and purchase dates.

Additionally, directing attendees to your website exposes them to your brand and content. If they like what they see, visitors might sign up for your newsletter or site updates.

Sell tickets for events of all sizes

The more ambitious your event is, the more complex your ticket structure and payments can become. That’s why WordPress offers various ways to get the job done.

1. PayPal and Simple Payments buttons

If you’re organizing a small, standing room–only concert, adding a basic eCommerce solution like PayPal or a Simple Payments button should suffice. These tools provide event attendees with secure, mobile-friendly ways to book their tickets. They also deliver all the functionality that you might need.

Online payment with PayPal

For an example of how to use PayPal to submit payments for a ticketed event, check out the Wyoming Parent School Association. It advertises event details, ticket options, and makes use of a single, straightforward “Buy Now” button.

Buy Now button

2. Ticket plugins

Alternatively, if you’re organizing a major event like a sporting event with different admission prices, then a ticket sales plugin can significantly lighten your workload. With a Pro plan, users can use a plugin like Event Monster, which lets you send event notifications, show booking statuses, and add a map of your venue.

Event Monster

Consider this…

Before you begin to sell tickets on WordPress, consider a few best practices:

  • To cover your bases, clearly state whether tickets are only available online, or if buying them in person is also an option.
  • Whichever payment method you choose, keep associated costs (such as transaction fees) in mind so that you can reflect them in your prices.
  • Finally, follow all privacy laws regarding personal information and online transactions. Use your site’s footer to display terms of service, a privacy policy, and other pertinent information.

With this know-how at your disposal, you’ll be prepared to sell tickets online while supporting your event — from the invitation to the encore.


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