Marketing to Parents? Here’s the Website You Need

If you have a product or service that you’re marketing to parents, pay attention. Consumer habits are changing as more millennials become parents.

Data from the Pew Research Center showed that 82 percent of births are now attributed to millennial women. This audience is more likely to shop online and research products before making a purchase.

Here’s how to design a website that appeals to these parents.

Marketing to parents 101

Keep in mind that parents are busy and want to shop efficiently. A National Retail Federation survey found that:

  • 78 percent of millennial parents use their phone for shopping research

  • 71 percent make purchases on a smartphone

  • 86 percent use same-day shipping options

  • 40 percent use subscription and auto-fill options

  • 44 percent shop for brands that reflect their social/political views

This data can help you plan your small business website.

Develop targeted content

A website that focuses on children’s products and services should resonate with moms and dads.

  • The design should be light and colorful, but not silly, with simple and digestible messaging.

  • Imagery should show children (and parents, if applicable) engaging with your product or service.

  • Build an online community around your product or service that connects your website to a parent group or social media outlet.

  • Products and services should be easy to find and purchase; offer bulk options or automatic renewals to generate repeat sales.

  • Create messaging that shows your dedication to excellent service and satisfaction.

  • Feature reviews on your website.

Design website features for parents

After you’ve developed content geared toward parents, ensure the functionality also appeals to this audience.

The website should work just as well on a mobile device as a desktop, thankfully, this functionality is baked into sites.

Products should include plenty of information to help parent shoppers make choices (remember, they are doing tons of research), and your online shop should be easy to use.

  • Enhance product listings with high-quality photos and reviews.

  • Use short and simple product descriptions that highlight the value of the item.

  • Offer quick and repeat shipping options.

  • Only ask for necessary information during checkout so that parents can make purchases quickly.

  • Connect with online payment methods, such as PayPal or Stripe.

  • Use SSL and HTTPS so shoppers feel safe on your website.


The key to marketing to parents is understanding this demographic’s lifestyle and shopping habits. Because they are busy and tech-savvy, parents are more likely to make purchases on a mobile device and use quick and repeat shopping options. By designing a website that meets these needs, you’ll be sure to reach parents — and generate their repeat business.

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