Marketing Tactics for Out-Of-The-Box Business Promotions

Promoting your business online isn’t easy. However, it’s a necessity if you want to be successful. Blogging, paid advertising, and being active on social media platforms are all great places to start, but they aren’t the only ways to market your business.

This article will explore a few uncommon marketing tactics for promoting your business that will help you expand your reach and attract even more supporters.

7 uncommon marketing tactics

1. Fill out your category descriptions

Categorizing your posts is a great way to organize your content, which in turn helps attract new visitors by making it easier to find the content they want.

By filling out your category descriptions, you provide more information about each category. Be sure to include keywords and phrases that make sense for your niche. This will help improve your search engine ranking and increase your organic traffic.

2. Create a resource page

People love searching for tools that make their lives easier, so a resource page can be a great way to pull people onto your site. If you have a list of favorite tools you use to run your blog or business more efficiently, create a resource page that lists them and briefly describes how they helped you.

3. Participate in a community

Participating in communities, such as Facebook or LinkedIn Groups and forums dedicated to your niche, will help you expand your network and increase your traffic.

If you actively engage in online communities, others will be interested in checking out your profile, which should link to your website. Some groups will even allow you to link to your website in a post or include it in your forum signature.

4. Automate your social sharing

Another way to promote your online business is by automating your social sharing with the Publicize feature. You can schedule your blog posts to be shared on social media sites as soon as they are published, and schedule your previously published blog posts to be shared again. This places you in front of your target audience while allowing you to actively engage with them.

5. Get featured elsewhere

Being featured on a major website in your niche is a great way to attract audience attention.

To get your business featured elsewhere, you can submit a guest post to a well-known blog, or spend more time producing high-quality content that helps your readers. The latter can lead to other websites linking to you as a helpful resource, or even being featured on’s Discover page.

6. Answer a HARO query

HARO stands for “Help a Reporter Out.” The main purpose of the website is to connect journalists with brands or experts who can serve as resources for their articles. If a reporter is writing a piece on the local startup scene in your city, you can provide them with a quote about the challenges and rewards of opening your business there.

Answering a reporter’s pitch can get your business featured in a major publication, giving you great PR as well as increased traffic for your website.

7. Repurpose content

Creating a lot of content is great, but it can be time-consuming. HubSpot suggests saving time by repurposing your content. You can use existing blog posts to create a video post, a podcast, a slideshow, or a series of social media updates. Doing so allows you to distribute your content across multiple platforms and expand your reach.

Now’s the time to get creative

As you can see, there are plenty of creative ways to promote your business online. Use the marketing tactics above as starting points to attract more site visitors, and don’t be afraid to think outside of the box when it comes to marketing your business.


Brenda Barron

Brenda Barron is a freelance writer, editor, and SEO specialist from southern California. She is a contributor to The Motley Fool and blogs regularly at The Digital Inkwell.

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