Learn about the Web Metrics That Matter

Once your site is up and running, familiarize yourself with the web metrics that matter most. This will position you to track your site’s performance. Metric indicators can inform your decisions to help increase site traffic and conversions.

Read on to learn about the benefits of using site analytics, which metrics you should keep an eye on, and how to use them to your advantage.

Analytics can inform your marketing strategy

Site analytics offer insights into the behavior of your audience members. In turn, this enables you to focus your marketing efforts on the areas that could benefit the most, helping you to reach a larger audience. For example, if your site receives a lot of referral traffic from social media channels, but minimal traffic from search engines, then you’ll know to work on your search engine optimization (SEO).

Additionally, site analytics can help to grow your business without relying on paid advertisements, which keeps costs down.

Accessing WordPress.com Site Stats

You can access your site analytics by logging into your WordPress.com account and clicking on My Sites. Then, click Stats.

Accessing Site Stats

Site Stats gives you a basic overview of how many unique visitors and views your site received on a particular day. You can also filter the results by week, month, or year.

Site Stats overview

Use Site Stats to learn about your visitors

While the number of visitors and views can signify how popular your site is, these numbers don’t provide you with information about your audience. These details are crucial if you want to grow your business down the line. As such, the most important metrics to keep track of include:

  • Posts & Pages: This reveals which posts and pages received the most views in a given time period. Using this information, you’ll uncover what your audience is the most interested in seeing, and the types of problems you can help them solve.

  • Referrers: This shows which sites and social media platforms are sending visitors your way, enabling you to decide which platforms are worth investing more time into.

  • Search Terms: Knowing which search terms visitors are using to find your site empowers you to incorporate them into your content, as well as create topics relevant to those keywords. As suggested by MonsterInsights, comparing your targeted keywords to the actual keywords you’re ranking on can reveal how successful your SEO efforts are.

Make informed decisions

By understanding the web metrics that matter the most, you can get a better feel for:

  • What content resonates well with your audience members, as well as the topics they’re interested in learning more about

  • Which posts receive the most engagement

  • Which social media networks or other websites direct traffic your way

  • Which search terms or phrases visitors are using to find your site

You can use these insights to:

  • Produce similar content that strengthens your brand’s authority
  • Create products and services that help solve your audience’s problems
  • Determine which social media platforms to invest more time into
  • Discover related search terms and create more content around them to strengthen your SEO

Don’t miss out on valuable data

WordPress.com Site Stats can display a broad overview of your metrics, as well as more granular insights into how your content is performing. You can then use those insights to make data-driven decisions to increase your traffic and site conversions.


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