How to Showcase Customer Reviews for Maximum Engagement

You’ve invested time and effort into designing the perfect website for your business. Now, you’ll want to ensure that it appeals to customers and that the visits to your website lead to sales. One way to do that is to showcase customer reviews.

The power of testimonials

Before you buy a product or hire someone for a service, one of the first things you do is read the reviews.

Those reviews build trust — they show potential customers not only that have other people used your products or services, but also that they’re fantastic. When people go to your website, they want to know that what you’re selling is going to be helpful and high-quality. According to BrightLocal, over 90 percent of millennials trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Reviews are also a great tool that help customers find your business. Not only does it create additional content for your website, which Google loves, but it can also give your website an SEO boost for local ranking. testimonial example

Where to showcase customer reviews

Showcasing customer reviews can help engage customers on your website. There are tools that can help you determine the right placement for testimonials, for maximum effect.

First, discover which pages on your site are the most popular. Your website’s stats can give you an overview of which pages on your website receive the most traffic. Looking at this information will give you a sense of where to showcase customer reviews, because you’ll want to put them on pages that people visit frequently. plugin-enabled plan users can integrate with Google Analytics for more detailed information on visitor behavior, such as how much time visitors spend on each page and the order of pages they visit.

Once you know which pages to focus on, a heatmapping tool can show you where exactly on those pages the most activity happens. For example, if you notice that people spend a lot of time looking at the middle of your homepage, that could be an optimal location to showcase customer reviews.

Heatmaps also show you which particular links on a page are most often clicked. For instance, you may have a product page linked in several locations of a popular blog post. If you notice that one link gets more attention than the others, you could insert a customer review right below it. Many heatmapping tools will also allow you to do A/B testing to test out different testimonial types and locations.

Showcasing customer reviews paints your business in a positive light, builds trust, and increases site engagement. By implementing the right tools, you can strategically position those reviews to enhance their impact.

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