How to Sell Digital Products on Your Website

Like many website owners, your passions might lead you to write an eBook, create software, or offer online tutorials to share your expertise with the world. After creating digital content, the next step is to sell it. Before you set up a virtual storefront to sell digital products, there are a few things you should do to get your site ready for all things eCommerce. This includes figuring out a payment system and order fulfillment process.

Sell digital products on your website

Plugins play a key role if you want to sell digital products from your website. In order to access the plugins that facilitate this process, you’ll need to upgrade to a Business plan, which also comes with unlimited storage space.

After you upgrade, you’ll have access to a host of plugins that can manage and protect any digital files that you plan to sell. One plugin that can help you accomplish this is a file management solution called Download Monitor. You can use this tool to create and insert download links into posts, track downloads, and even set user download limits with its Advanced Access Manager extension.

Combine Download Manager with a Simple Payments Button to sell your digital products and accept payments via debit or credit card. All you need to do is create a post and add a payment button. Then, pick a name, image, price, and email address. After you post a listing for the first time, you can add a similar payment button to any post or page on your site, and a download link for users to access your digital product.

Complete eCommerce solutions

Another option to consider is WordPress Downloads Manager, which allows you to control downloads from your site and perform eCommerce transactions. For example, if you sell an eBook, you can use Downloads Manager to restrict access to it by password-protecting the file, as well as enforcing a download limit per user.

You can even make Downloads Manager a one-stop eCommerce solution with the premium package add-on. This will allow you to put a price on your digital products so that customers can add them to their carts and checkout via PayPal. WordPress Downloads Manager also comes with 15 GB of free storage space on Google Drive and OneDrive, 2 GB of free storage space on Dropbox, and 10 GB of free storage space on Box. Depending on what you’re selling, that may be more than enough space to house all of your offerings.

You also have a few additional options for selling digital products. The Easy Digital Downloads and the WooCommerce plugins each provide an all-in-one eCommerce solution for your site:

  • Easy Digital Downloads comes with file access control, the ability to restrict the number of downloads per user, the option to create discount codes, and analytics tools to track everything. This plugin supports payment gateways like PayPal Standard and Amazon Payments (which you have to download as separate plugins). The premium extension also supports Stripe, PayPal Pro, and several other payment solutions.
  • WooCommerce offers much of the same functionalities, but also has extensive payment options that allow you to accept PayPal, major credit cards, bank transfers, and supports several extensions like Stripe, Amazon Fulfillment, and MailChimp. You can also access Storefront, a free theme that allows you to add your own features (like pricing tables), customize your checkout page, and more. Storefront theme is fully integrated with WooCommerce and optimizes your site’s speed and uptime, so there aren’t delays when customers try to purchase your products.

On sale now

If you’re new to selling digital products, two things to keep in mind are how you’re going to host and manage your files, and how you’ll accept payments for them. Ultimately, the best solution will depend on your offerings and your customers’ preferences. Once you open your online storefront, consider implementing one of these monetization strategies to bolster your earnings.

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