How to Promote Your Podcast with a Website

Starting a podcast is an exciting venture. Before you dive head first into recording episodes and submitting them to iTunes or Stitcher, take some time to create a website to provide your listeners with a resource they can refer to as they listen. Here are some tips about themes, pages, and features that can help to get your website up and running to promote your podcast.

The right theme for a podcast website

When it comes to themes, make sure the one you select includes the following features:

You can search for a theme on, using keywords like “audio” or “podcast” to help narrow down your options. Here are a few recommendations that might work well for a podcast website:

1. Album


The Album theme was built with audio files in mind and features a custom MP3 audio player. There is plenty of space on the homepage to feature an episode of your podcast along with any episode art.

2. Encore


If you prefer a minimalist aesthetic, consider Encore. This theme allows you to display podcast episodes in gridded archives, showcase a playlist, and customize your site with a background, branded colors, and a logo.

3. Marquee


The Marquee theme comes with an elegant split-screen layout to showcase podcast art and your episodes on different sides of the same page. You can also take advantage of the custom archive page to organize past episodes.

Essential pages to include

Once you choose the perfect theme, craft pages that provide visitors with important information. In addition to the “Homepage,” “About,” “Contact,” and “Podcast” pages, the following pages can help you further engage with an audience, future listeners, and potential sponsors:

  • Press: A “Press” page makes it easy to highlight any press mentions you’ve received. It’s also a great opportunity to share your press kit (including a press release, FAQ sheet, and promotional materials). These are often used by other bloggers and publications if they want to feature you on their own sites. Refer to this article at Entrepreneur for inspiration about what to include in your press kit.

  • Sponsor or Donate: “Sponsor” or “Donate” pages let your fans proactively support your content. List any perks that a sponsor might receive (such as an in-episode mention), basic information about your show, your ideal audience, and a way to get in touch with you to arrange meet-and-greets or event appearances.

Other features to consider

Your website should engage with your visitors, encourage them to listen to every new podcast episode, and enable them to promote your podcast by sharing it with their friends. Here are a few features that can help to accomplish these goals:

  • Publicize and Sharing Buttons: You can use Publicize to automatically share new podcast episodes to your social media networks. Add sharing buttons below each episode so that listeners can post it to their own social media accounts with the click of a button.

  • Social Media Icons: Add social media icons to your sidebar so that listeners can interact with you on their preferred social media platforms.

  • Embed a playlist: Use the embed link from your podcast hosting provider to present a playlist of your most successful or most recent episodes.

  • Related Posts: Enabling Related Posts increases the chances that visitors will read more of your content.

Widgets in sidebar

A podcast website is more than just a landing page

A website will make it easier to promote your podcast and act as an archive for your episodes. It also serves as a reference point for your listeners. Follow these tips and you’ll be well on your way to making the most of your podcast website.


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