How to Interpret Social Media Insights Across Channels

Chances are that your business is on multiple social media platforms, each of which provides valuable information about your customers. However, with each providing different data, how do you pull these social media insights together to better understand your audience?

Before we answer that question, let’s first examine the specific demographics each channel offers and how you can access it.

Accessing social media insights by channel

Take note of all of your business’s social media accounts. How do the audiences differ across these platforms?


To access demographic information from your Twitter analytics, click on the Audiences tab. From there, you can see a wide range of information, including your audiences’ interests, income, education, gender language, profession, region, and where they spend their money.


While it’s technically a search engine and not a social media platform, for the purpose of this article we’ve included Pinterest. With Pinterest’s Audience Insights, you can learn about your audiences’ interests, such as fashion, health, and education, along with what devices they’re on, their age, gender, and location.


With over 2 billion users, Facebook is the top-used social media platform in the world. From your business’ Facebook page, click on Insights. From there, click on the People tab to access demographic information which is separated by Fans (people who “liked” your page), Followers (the people who Follow your page instead of liking it), and People Reached (people who see content from your page on their screen). Your best bet is to go with the first two categories, since these are people who actively chose to interact with your business. You’ll see multiple tabs with data to help you understand your fans and followers such as gender, location, age, as well as your top posts.


Unlike the other platforms, you can only access Instagram analytics from the app. From your profile, click on the three dashed lines in the upper right corner and click Insights. The third tab will show you information about your audience, including the top cities and countries, age, gender, and even average time your followers are on Instagram.


From your business’ LinkedIn Page, click on the Analytics tab and choose Followers. The social media insights you find on LinkedIn differ somewhat from other platforms. The information includes location, job function, seniority, industry, and company size.

Note that some platforms, such as Pinterest and Instagram, require that you have a business account set up to access this information.

Putting the data together

You may find that each social media channel you’re on paints a different picture of your customers. Maybe on Instagram, your audience is predominantly women in their 20s who are spread all over the country, while on Facebook you have a more even split of men and women who are more local. With the different information from each channel, how do you put it all together in a way that makes sense for understanding your customer and knowing what content to publish on each?

This is where creating customer personas based on this demographic information becomes helpful.

For example, say you’re a health coach who provides in-person group sessions to employees at midsized businesses, as well as individual sessions to entrepreneurs online and in person. You know that midsized businesses are likely to find you on Twitter and LinkedIn, while individuals find you on Facebook and Instagram.

You might create a customer profile for an HR rep for a midsized company using the information you gather from LinkedIn and Twitter and share content that is about employee health and productivity. By contrast, you would use social media insights from Facebook and Instagram to create a second persona who is an entrepreneur who works at home. On these platforms, you share content that is about healthy snacks and exercises to do at home.

By utilizing social media insights, you’ll gain a better understanding of your different customers and can tailor how and what to communicate on different platforms.


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