Give Away Free E-books on WordPress to Generate Leads

It’s important to create valuable content in order to establish your website and brand and help you attract and retain customers. By including e-books in your content marketing strategy, you can establish expertise and generate new leads. Here’s how to give away free e-books on WordPress and why you should consider doing so.

Demonstrate your expertise

Why do people use the internet? They’re searching for information. Becoming a go-to source for particular information will help to establish yourself as an industry expert.

Before deciding what your e-book will be about, consider two things: what people want to know, and what you’re knowledgeable about.

Offering a free e-book is also a great way to promote your business on LinkedIn, especially if your business is B2B.

Generate leads

Have you ever downloaded a free e-book? Chances are, you submitted your email address in exchange for the download. This is a relatively small price to pay for expert knowledge, right?

Now, consider that e-book from the writer’s perspective. Sharing their knowledge is a small price to pay for a flow of new contact information and leads (potential future customers).

By gating your content (making it accessible to those with a password), you can generate a list of potential leads. You can even ask for more than email addresses to access it; however, keep in mind that each additional form field is another opportunity for site abandonment. According to Marketing 360, to properly use gated content, “you must know who your target audience is and what your lead generation goals are.” Keep these items in mind before requesting too much information from your potential leads.

How to give away free e-books on WordPress

The easiest way to give away a free e-book from your website is uploading it to your media library as a PDF and inserting it into a post or a page. This will create a link straight to the media file.

If you prefer to gate your e-book, you have two options:

  1. Manually email the PDF to each visitor who fills out your contact form, or signs up for your newsletter
  2. Use lead-generating software like OptinMonster

Don’t forget about visitors who come to your website for other reasons. By using tasteful pop-up forms to connect with site visitors, you can remind them about your e-book, as they might be interested in reading it as well.

You’ve got the lead, now what?

Remember, after your e-book is downloaded and you secure a lead’s email address, it’s important to continuously offer useful content. Here are five great email marketing services for small businesses to help efficiently deliver that content.


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