Focus on Your Venture with a Business Plan

If you’re interested in launching an online presence for your business, startup, or freelancing venture, a Business plan is your all-in-one site solution. This enterprise offering comes with plenty of features and takes the stress out of designing, building, and maintaining a website.

Here’s everything you need to know about a Business plan, and how it can support your goals.

What comes with a Business plan? plan comparison

A Business plan offers a wide-range of features that are geared towards startups, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners.

1. A custom domain name

Your domain name isn’t just a web address — it’s a chance to brand yourself. Every Business plan includes a custom domain name for your website, eliminating the need to manage and pay for it elsewhere.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools

According to HubSpot, Google is responsible for 94 percent of organic website traffic, and 61 percent of marketers consider improving their SEO efforts to be their top inbound marketing priority. Needless to say, SEO is an integral part of online marketing.

The Business plan’s built-in SEO tools provide you with a competitive advantage, allowing you to optimize elements like title formats, search and social previews, and page and post meta descriptions.

3. Unlimited premium themes

Site design that’s both appealing and unique helps you stand out from the competition, and draws people to your products or services.

A Business plan includes access to’s full collection of high-quality premium themes, including those that are designed with businesses in mind (like the TheFour theme).

4. Plugin support

Plugins allow you to take a business website to the next level by adding advanced functionalities. Whether you want full-fledged eCommerce integration, a more robust commenting section, or a community forum to increase user engagement, there’s a plugin that can help you make it a reality.

5. Unlimited storage

Some websites pack in more content than others. If you’re featuring a lot of high-quality images or videos on your site, make sure that you have enough space for it all.

With a Business plan, there are no space limitations. You have the freedom to host and sell software downloads, video tutorials, or even an entire online curriculum.

6. Google Analytics (GA) integration

Google Analytics is at the forefront of online traffic analysis and allows users to get a better understanding of their visitors, how they interact with their sites, and what they can do to get more conversions. Business plan subscribers can seamlessly integrate GA into their websites to refine their marketing efforts and please their audience members.

7. White labeling

As a Business plan subscriber, you can remove branding from your site’s footer, helping you to keep the focus on your own brand.

8. Email and live chat support

Chances are, you don’t want creating and maintaining a website to use up all of your time.’s support team is available to resolve any issues, plus you have two complimentary screenshare sessions to get one-on-one help.

Let handle it

For $25 per month, you won’t need to worry about the technical details or inner workings of your website. will handle it.

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