Facebook Business Page Benefits: Do You Need a Website, Too?

There’s a myth among small-business owners that you may not need both a Facebook page and a website. Some may argue only one or the other is necessary — but the reality is that you need both.

In fact, a website can significantly magnify Facebook business page benefits. These platforms work together and serve different purposes in the conversion funnel for shoppers and information seekers online. By using both, you can help more people learn about, share, and make a purchase on your website, ultimately maximizing your impact online.

Facebook business page vs. business website

The key to making the most of a Facebook business page and your website is understanding the differences between the two — and using each to its full potential.

Some advantages to having a Facebook business page include:

  • Easy creation and set-up
  • Designed for sharing and promoting information, events, and products
  • High visibility and usage; Facebook boasts 2.32 billion monthly active users
  • Ability to create advertising or “boost” posts to increase reach
  • Simple integration with other tools, such as Instagram
  • Tool to drive traffic to your website

Benefits to having a website for your small business include:

  • Custom domain and website lend credibility to your business
  • Ability to be found in search
  • Better information about products or services with ability to create custom shopping experiences
  • Enables customers to get in touch with you
  • Ability to scale a website as your business grows and continue to add content or products

Take the time to build both

Adweek’s comparison of Facebook business pages and websites might have said it best: “Should you have a Facebook page for your small business? Yes, absolutely.”

But that’s not enough, the source goes on to say: “To create the kind of digital presence that is required for a small business to succeed in today’s world, a dedicated website isn’t a nice-to-have; it’s a necessity.”

Take full advantage of Facebook business page benefits by crosslinking the social media platform and a website. (You can learn how to link a Facebook page to your WordPress.com website here.)

Make sure to include your website address in the About section of your Facebook page as well and link to your website from posts, when appropriate.

Create a content plan

While a Facebook business page and a website work together, they shouldn’t be exact replicas of one another. Each can — and should — contain different types of information, content, and activity.

Create a content plan that details what type of information goes on your Facebook page and website and how you can cross-promote elements of each.

Some content types that work great on your Facebook business page include:

  • Special offers or promos for a product or service
  • Short testimonials (video is ideal)
  • Images showing customers happy with your product or service
  • Ads or boosted posts or events
  • Contests or polls to gather audience feedback

Some types of website content include:

  • Product/service descriptions and information
  • Your brand or company story and contact information
  • Frequently asked questions and answers
  • Blog posts for more in-depth content and information sharing
  • Longer-form content, such as videos, case studies, or infographics

One-two punch

Small-business owners would do well to acknowledge Facebook business page benefits, including ease of use, ability to create shareable content that resonates with users, and a platform to promote events, services, or sales. And of course, content from a Facebook page can then lead people to your website, where the actual sales conversion happens.

Together, a Facebook page and website are the one-two punch that helps gain visibility for your business and drive conversions. Having a presence on both platforms can increase your reach, provide different entry points to your products or services, and work together in different ways. In today’s business environment, the answer is simple: you need both.

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